Where's your nearest Z station,
truck stop or air stop?

Where's your nearest

There's three ways to find your nearest Z site. Use the Search box, choose from the list below or click on one of the orange map markers.

Ant Man locator tile2

Marvel Avengers Blokhedz have landed at Z!

Find out all about Ant-man and the rest of the Marvel Avengers at z.co.nz/Blokhedz


Only Z has Fly Buys

Some accounts can also get Fly Buys (or Airpoints Dollars if you prefer) when filling up at Z service stations. You'll get one point for every $50 (incl GST) spent on fuel each month.

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Who are you? Take the test on Facebook.

Which Marvel Avengers Blokhedz character are you most like? Take the test on Facebook and see!