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Right now all across the world, there are people eating wonderful pies.  What better way to celebrate some of the flavours of the world than at Z with a limited time new pie flavour each week until 5th August.  That’s six limited edition pies.

  • 25th June - 1st July: Beef Rendang - Indonesia - The king of curry's: beef slow cooked with coconut milk, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass and chilli
  • 2nd - 8th July: Mac & Cheese (vegetarian) - USA - Creamy mozzarella and sharp tasty cheese baked golden brown
  • 9th -  15th July : Peri Peri Chicken - Portugal - Portuguese origins with flavors of chilli, citrus, garlic and tomato
  • 16th - 22nd  July: Szechuan Pork - China - Flavorsome mix of garlic, black and Szechuan pepper with a touch of honey
  • 23rd - 29th July: Chicken Laksa - Malaysia - Chicken with tangy tamarind, vermicelli noodles, kaffir lime, turmeric and chilli
  • 30th July - 5th August: Chicken & Chorizo - Spain - Smokey paprika, spicy chorizo sausage, thyme and tomatoes 

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Pop in and experience the flavours of the world! 

Flavours of the world 2


Whether you want a gourmet treat or a kiwi classic, we've got you covered.

Stop into any Z Espress and you’ll find a range of delicious, freshly baked pies, ready to eat on the go.

If it’s a classic you’re after, then we’ve got all the traditional kiwi favourites - from steak & cheese to beef & bacon. When you need something quick, easy and piping hot, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

Or if you’re in the mood for something special, our gourmet pies are a step up from the Kiwi-classics we’re all used to! With premium ingredients like chicken breast and pepper steak, you've got to try one.

All our pies are made by Goodtime Pies in the Hawke’s Bay. Please find the nutritional information of our pie range here.

What pies do we have?

  • Gourmet Bacon & Egg Pie
  • Gourmet New York Pepper Steak Pie
  • Gourmet Lamb, Rosemary & Kumara Pie
  • Gourmet Thai Chicken Curry Pie
  • Gourmet Butter Chicken Pie
  • Gourmet Potato Top Pie
  • Gourmet Mexican Pie (Vegan)
  • Classic Mince Pie
  • Classic Mince & Cheese Pie
  • Classic Steak & Cheese Pie

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