Retail business opportunities

Z has over 200 Retail service stations in NZ, offering customers fantastic service, world class fuels and great convenience stores with awesome food and drink on the go. We could not do what we do without the partnership of our 22 multi-site Retailers.

Our self-employed Retailers operate clusters of 7-16 Z service stations and employ up to 130 frontline crew. They are essential to our success and while we don’t have any opportunities available right now, we are always keen to talk to high quality candidates.

• Has the passion for optimising, motivating & inspiring people
• Thrives on productivity and the love of hard work
• Appreciates Z’s framework of support and structure and the freedom they have to operate within that

We are looking for people who
• have gathered great people leadership skills across their career
• have business acumen and a talent for operational excellence
• a track record of making a difference in their community
• have a background in food and beverage
• love the idea of running their own business within the Z framework

World class support

In return, we’ll support you like you wouldn’t believe. We’ll provide the kind of business reviews that few business owners ever get. We’ll train you to take the skills you already have to a new level and to become a star in areas where you’re currently not so hot (and don’t worry – we don’t expect anyone to be great at everything). We’ll also provide training to help you inspire your staff so they are all pulling in the right direction – it's called helping you grow your business

How would it work?

We take you through a process to make sure you are a good fit with our culture and have the skills we are looking for.

If successful, you set up your own business and sign a business operating agreement with Z.

On taking over your sites, you purchase the shop stock and employ the staff. The stock value for a seven site cluster would be around $350,000. You earn income through fixed and variable streams. The variable stream is the margin on your shop sales across the cluster and the fixed stream of income is called fair share adjustment.

Your target remuneration would vary depending on how many sites you have. At seven sites the target remuneration is around $195k. If you do better on shop sales and managing your costs, you earn more. If you do worse, you earn less. There is also bonuses for great performance across the balanced scorecard.

What next?

We do not have any opportunities available at the moment. When we do, we always list them here and post on LinkedIn. 

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