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22/07/2021 - General News

Z launches Rainbow Employee Network

Creating an open inclusive work environment where people can bring their true selves to work each and everyday is an aspiration that many kiwi, and international businesses hope to achieve.

The journey is continuous, there is always another step to take, another opportunity to learn, another chance to embrace what makes each person unique, and in doing so create an environment that is more inclusive than the day before.

At Z, we recognize the journey that we are on, the opportunity we have, and the focus this aspiration deserves as we look to bring our Diversity & Inclusion Stand to life. We are creating a space where our team of nearly 500 can be who they are, through education, conversation and leadership that is driven across the business. 

The Z Rainbow Network — a focus on education and allyship

As the only retail fuel Rainbow Tick accredited organisation, we are proud of our latest step, the launch of our first official internal employee network: the Z Rainbow Network. With a focus on increasing understanding, engagement and awareness of rainbow diversity, it aims to help create more visible leaders who identify as a member of the rainbow community or ally across Z.  

Increasing understanding is crucial as this is not a tick the box exercise. In launching the Z Rainbow Network, we request that all employees who wish to be recognized as visible members (while still making available to all), complete a series of modules and workshops provided by the Rainbow Tick, along with understanding our own internal polices (including Transitioning at work) so that they are empowered to support rainbow colleagues.  

It also gives us the chance to bring the conversation to life throughout the year rather than just at key traditional moments. We know that inclusiveness and diversity is not timebound to a day, a week, a month, it is a part of who we are each and everyday and that is what we at Z want to recognise and celebrate.  

Expanding beyond rainbow 

This launch also represents the beginning of future internal employee networks as it has given us the chance to understand what an ally is within Z. We’ve created a base level of behaviour and leadership expectations that will set Z up to launch future networks with the greatest chance of success –  this is merely the beginning of a journey where we will actively learn side by side with our employees everyday. 

Through continued focus, governance and support, the Z Rainbow Network is a significant opportunity to further demonstrate inclusion in action. It confirms to current and future employees that we are actively committed to making a difference and welcoming you for who you are.

Media enquiries: jeremy.clarke@z.co.nz

03/05/2021 - General News

Z Energy and NZ Police team up to keep Kiwis safe on roads over Queen’s Birthday Weekend

Z has partnered with Police to encourage drivers to stay safe over the long weekend with road safety messages to be displayed on Z Espress coffee cups at select locations for the duration of the holiday period.

Police officers may also pop into Z service stations to give drivers a friendly reminder about making good driving decisions.

Z’s Head of Safety and Wellbeing Andrew Shand says that Z is committed to supporting the Road to Zero initiative, which aims to stop people getting killed or injured on New Zealand roads.

“We’re proud to partner with Police on encouraging all motorists to stay safe on the road as they travel around Aotearoa, particularly over busy holiday periods. We have a number of our team on the road on any given day, including fuel delivery drivers, and we want to ensure that they, along with any other motorist can return home safely at the end of each day.”

Superintendent Steve Greally, Director: National Road Policing Centre says that partnerships are an important way to spread the word.

“These partnerships allow Police to reach drivers in a new way, allowing our road safety messages to get right to the ones we are targeting.

“Getting out in the community sharing prevention messages is a great way of minimising harm on the roads. We want everyone to have a good weekend and enjoy their Queen’s Birthday plans, and of course to be safe,” says Steve.

The messages to be displayed on Z Espress coffee cups are:

  • Slow down and drive to the conditions
  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • Don’t drive distracted.

Media enquiries: Victoria.crockford@z.co.nz


01/04/2021 - General News

Z Energy wishes Kiwi charities a Happy Easter with the launch of Z Business for Charities fuel programme

Z Energy is wishing a Happy Easter to its charity customers, with the launch of Z Business for Charities.

The programme offers 10 cents off every litre in over 550 locations, a $100 fuel credit and a free St John First Aid Kit on sign up, no minimum spend and no monthly fees.

Z’s GM Commercial, Nicola Law says that Z Business for Charities was evolved from conversations with community groups.

“When we spoke with community groups, they shared their passion for their people and what they do, as well as some of the challenges they face when it comes to their more functional needs, like managing fuel spend.

“We also learned that a big part of their success is partnering with their volunteers and companies to create as much positive impact as possible.

“We heard all of this and decided that Z could help. The Z Business for Charities offer not only helps to streamline how community groups manage their fuel, it also puts more money back in their pockets and back into communities.”

New Zealand registered charities that wish to join or find out more can do so by visiting business.z.co.nz/business-charity.

Media enquiries: Victoria.crockford@z.co.nz

10/03/2021 - General News

Z Energy launches Z Electric, brings innovation and energy expertise to retail electricity market

Z Energy is bringing its innovation and energy expertise to the retail electricity market by launching Z Electric, a new power offer that will be supported by subsidiary, Flick Electric*.

Z Electric offers New Zealand’s first electricity and fuel rewards bundle with no fixed-term contracts and no exit fees.

Z Electric will offer customers the chance to get their electricity from a New Zealand-owned company that offers regular fuel rewards through Z’s award-winning virtual fuel tank, Sharetank in Z App, and – unlike many other companies – rewards them more the longer they are a customer.

Z’s Chief Innovation Officer, Scott Bishop said that Z Electric is a power offer that is all about being relevant to the daily lives of New Zealanders now and into the electric future. 

“We know we need to use less fossil fuels wherever possible. But for many people, their options are currently limited to petrol and diesel to get around, do their jobs and take care of their whānau. That’s why we wanted to offer a power deal that helps people with their everyday lives and budgets, but without the fixed term contracts and catches of other offers. 

“With Z Electric, customers get the benefit of fuel rewards through Sharetank in Z App as soon as they join and on an ongoing basis, and they can leave at any time without an exit fee. What’s more, Sharetank enables customers to share their fuel rewards with up to five people so their friends and whānau can benefit. 

“With Z Electric, we want to learn from our customers about how we can best support them as we all head into the electric future that we know is coming. We aim to meet them wherever they are along the way with real options to solve what matters for them in a low carbon moving world,” said Scott.

Learn more about Z Electric

*Z Energy is a majority shareholder in Flick Electric.

Media enquiries: Victoria.crockford@z.co.nz

08/03/2021 - General News

The Gender Tick at Z Energy: "Something to stand behind"

In a world where there are stars, marks, and checks for almost every facet of life, why is it important to get a big tick for gender equity?

In 2018 the YWCA Auckland launched accreditation programme Gender Tick for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to gender equity in their workplace. It came about after New Zealand companies showed a genuine interest in what they could do to have a healthy workplace culture.

Z Energy was interested in ‘walking the talk’, in showing others outside the organisation some of its work and painting a picture of what it holds as important. Z received the Gender Tick in March 2020.

“It’s about organisations not just preaching but practising,” says Z’s Head of Employee Experience Sharne Fairbrother.

Those factors vital to receiving the Gender Tick – a gender inclusive culture, flexibility and leave, women in leadership, gender pay equity and ensuring a safe workplace – were consistent with what Z is already committed to. But the importance of an independent eye on things was key to getting the word out that Z was so much more than a box checker.

“It’s about showing those outside Z, whether it be potential employees or customers, that we are doing what is right, and we have something to stand behind.”

Sharne emphasises the need to spread the word outside Z that gender equality matters to the organisation. Almost every person has to visit Z or one of its competitors, so there is a huge variety of people visiting the stations and reflecting that customer base in the organisation’s staff makes perfect sense.

“Z represents Aotearoa/New Zealand. We are a New Zealand company, and our customers are a cut of the New Zealand population,” she says.

“The best way to equip ourselves to give great customer and employee experience is to be as diverse as our customer base.”

Sharne says if gender equality really matters at Z, the organisation has to show that right across our organisation, especially in visible leadership roles.

Z’s Board of Directors has Abby Foote at the helm as its Independent Chair and an even split of men and women on its executive team.

International research has shown women are disproportionately affected by the drastic changes forced by COVID-19. Changes at home, as well as in the workforce, have taken a hefty toll.

Sharne says Z has always held flexibility as especially important, particularly for employees.

“It’s more important than ever. We have amped up the flexibility factor and remain open to talking about what that might look like.”

International Women’s Day is on March 8. This year’s theme, Choose to Challenge, celebrates the efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and encourages celebrations of women’s achievements, as well as the calling out of gender bias and inequality where it exists.

The positives of gender diversity in the workplace have been extensively researched and range from different approaches and life experiences to lower staff turnover, improved reputation, and greater resilience for a business.

And time after time the numbers tell the story of greater profitability for a business with gender diversity. The positive impact on the bottom line is beyond doubt.

Leading diversity and inclusion practitioner Dr Kaisa Wilson co-founded Gender Tick with the YWCA and manages the assessment side of it.

Equality is what you need at the core of having a healthy and well workforce, she says.

“The foundational aspects of wellbeing are fundamental human rights. If, in your job, you are being paid differently or marginalised or treated differently, your wellbeing is at risk.”

It is particularly relevant now, with the impacts of COVID-19 hitting women especially hard.

She says the Gender Tick is good for organisations, giving them a really practical schedule to make their way through to ensure what they are doing is right around gender responsiveness in their organisation.

“We want information about which organisations are putting their money where their mouth is.”

A reaccreditation process every 18 months also keeps Gender Tick organisations on their toes, and watchful for new criteria to step up to.

If a consumer is deciding on which product to buy, seeing a logo such as the Gender Tick alongside an organisation’s branding can offer a ‘shortcut’ to helping make a choice.

“The time for making incremental change and patting on the back over small gains is over,” Kaisa says.

“We’re about action and outcomes. It’s about what gets done, not what gets talked about.”

Sharne says Z is more than happy to keep on doing, letting its actions do the talking.

Media enquiries: Victoria.crockford@z.co.nz

04/03/2021 - General News

Z Energy announces changes to executive team and appoints new GM Commercial

Z Energy pleased to announce several changes to its executive team, effective the beginning of Z’s next financial year, 1 April 2021.

Creation of new GM Transition role

In a formalisation of Z’s commitment to being at the heart of the energy transition, Julian Hughes, currently GM Strategy and Risk, will be taking on a new role as GM Transition reporting to Z’s Chief Executive Mike Bennetts.

“Julian’s role will be to review the business case for reinstating safe and reliable production operations at Te Kora Hou, Z’s Biofuel plant, while establishing an alternative biofuels supply chain in support of recent government announcement of a biofuels mandate,” said Mike.

Julian will also be focused on securing the value available from optimising Z’s core business and preparing for the potential move to an import-only fuels supply chain in support of Refining NZ’s ongoing strategic review.

Nicolas (Nic) Williams has been appointed to the role of GM Strategy and Risk, replacing Julian Hughes.

Commenting on the appointment, Mike Bennetts said, “The scale of the challenge to decarbonise New Zealand’s energy sector, and how Z can meaningfully support NZ’s

ambitions to meet the Paris 2050 climate goals, will require us to think differently about
our strategy.”

“That longer term thinking needs to be matched by work on our current core business; ensuring we execute and optimise Z’s core business activity to generate the free cash flow needed to support in New Zealand’s ambition for a low-carbon energy future.

Given Nic’s investment banking background, commercial acumen and operational risk experience he is ideally suited to lead Z’s strategy and risk teams,” Mike added.

Nicola Law appointed new GM Commercial

Z is pleased to announce that Nicola Law, currently Z’s Integrated Supply Chain Manager, has been appointed to the role of GM Commercial, replacing Nic Williams.

“I am delighted to appoint Nicola to the GM Commercial role. Her breadth of experience and the diversity of thought that she will bring to the executive team made her the stand-out candidate for the role,” said Mike.

Nicola has held several roles during her seven-year career at Z including Commercial Aviation and Marine Manager and worked on several special projects, including the acquisition of Chevron NZ, the Fuel Market Study and the development of Pumped, Z’s loyalty and rewards program launched in August 2019.

Prior to joining Z Nicola spent nine years at bp in varied roles including Regional Operations Manager based in Perth, Western Australia, responsible for the safe and reliable operation of the company’s seven terminals in the state.

Nicola’s appointment achieves another milestone for Z – gender parity on the Executive team – and continues to progress the company’s ambition to nurture a pipeline of women leaders in the company and in New Zealand.

Media enquiries: Victoria.crockford@z.co.nz

15/02/2021 - General News

Z Energy supports customers to stay safe at its service stations during COVID-19 Alert Level changes

Z Energy reminds its customers that their safety, and the safety of our Z Energy team, are of central importance to the company during Alert Level 3 in the Auckland region and Alert Level 2 throughout the rest of the country.

At both Alert Levels 2 and 3, Z stores, including bathrooms, will be open and there is plenty of fuel and shop supplies - we encourage everyone to fuel up and shop as per normal.

To keep our customers and our team safe, we will be operating controlled physical distancing and Perspex screens at all counters and our Auckland region teams will be wearing face masks.

As always, if customers are feeling unwell, we request that they do not visit us.

Contactless payment options

Z has pay at pump available for those customers who do not wish to enter the store.

Z now also offers two payment options in Z App to further reduce the number of surfaces customers need to touch – pay in app and pay by plate – and we encourage all customers to consider using these options to support their own wellbeing, that of other customers and – importantly – our people on the frontline.

To use pay in app, motorists need to download Z App, register their preferred payment method, and fuel type. Once registered, they can drive in, select their pump number, and tap ‘Unlock’. Once they have finished fuelling, they hang up the pump and payment happens automatically via the app.

To use pay by plate, motorists need to download Z App and register their number plate. Once registered, the cameras at select Z Energy service stations will read the vehicle’s number plates automatically and release the pumps in any lane. As with pay in app, payment is automatically processed in the app once the nozzle is replaced.

Pay in app is available nationwide. Pay by plate is currently available at 60 Z Energy stations around the country.

For more information, visit Pay with Z App.

Media enquiries: Victoria.crockford@z.co.nz

28/01/2021 - General News

Z Energy welcomes Government’s biofuels policy announcement

Z Energy welcomes today’s announcement by the government that a biofuels mandate is to be implemented to help the country make a start on the carbon reduction in transport that is so urgently required.

Accompanying Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Transport Minister Michael Wood and Climate Change Minister James Shaw at the Z Energy biodiesel plant in Wiri, South Auckland today, Z Energy CEO Mike Bennetts said that climate change action requires policy certainty and industry investment, and that Z is committed to playing its part to transition New Zealand off fossil fuels.

“We’ve long said that we want to be at the heart of the climate change solution – working on that commitment is what gets the Z team up in the morning and will play a significant role in creating value for Z in the long term. The policy certainty created by today’s announcement gives us confidence to review our investment in a safe and reliable biodiesel supply chain. We believe that our local production capability is a good news story for New Zealand and an example of the potential of the New Zealand circular economy.

“We will continue to work on Z’s strategic opportunities for other fuel alternatives such as electric and hydrogen as we know that there is no silver bullet - the best fuel for the best use case will be the foundation of a successful energy transition.

“We want to work with all our customers and all New Zealanders wherever they are at in their low carbon journey with solutions that work for their business and household needs,” said Mike.

Z has been producing Z Bio D at its Wiri plant, Te Kora Hou out of inedible tallow, a local waste agriculture product, as well as importing a biodiesel from Australia to supplement its stocks while the plant has paused production. Z currently supplies a number of key commercial customers directly and has a biodiesel-only truck stop at Highbrook, East Tamaki.

Z General Manager Supply, David Binnie said that one of the key benefits of biodiesel is its compatibility with existing diesel engines.

“New Zealand has a lot of diesel trucks and utes and many of our customers who drive them have been seeking lower-carbon options. Z Bio D meets this need, as it complies with New Zealand’s strict diesel as well as biodiesel specifications, meaning customers can use it with confidence right now. The best part is, each tank of Z Bio D at a 5 per cent blend rate has around four per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than a tank of regular diesel. In the bigger picture, the Te Kora Hou plant running at its 20 million litres per year capacity would provide biodiesel that is the equivalent of taking 17,000 diesel vehicles off the road, and it is just one plant.”

Addressing the inclusion of aviation fuels in the policy announcement, Dave said that Z and Air New Zealand have a long-standing partnership when it comes to the Sustainable Aviation Fuel, or Biojet, opportunity for New Zealand.

“We look forward to continuing our five- year partnership with Air New Zealand and others developing a road map for Sustainable Aviation Fuel to become the norm in New Zealand,” said Dave.

Further information

  • Z Bio D is currently ‘B5’ blend, meaning it is 5% biodiesel to 95% regular diesel. We chose this blend to ensure compatibility with current diesel specifications and the broadest range of diesel engines. This blend can be scaled up to provide even more low carbon benefit depending on policy settings and engine specifications.
  • Biodiesel is also a cleaner burning alternative to regular diesel, helping to address the matter of air pollution from diesel vehicles.
  • For more information about Z biodiesel visit - https://z.co.nz/keeping-business-on-the-move/fuels/z-biodiesel/
  • For the New Zealand Biojet Consortium submission to the Interim Climate Change Commission visit - https://z.co.nz/assets/Uploads/Submission-to-ICCC-on-Reducing-GHG-Emissions-through-Sustainable-Aviation-Fuel-SAF2.pdf

Media enquiries: victoria.crockford@z.co.nz; 021347833
Investor enquiries: matt.hardwick@z.co.nz


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