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04/03/2021 - General News

Z Energy announces changes to executive team and appoints new GM Commercial

Z Energy pleased to announce several changes to its executive team, effective the beginning of Z’s next financial year, 1 April 2021.

Creation of new GM Transition role

In a formalisation of Z’s commitment to being at the heart of the energy transition, Julian Hughes, currently GM Strategy and Risk, will be taking on a new role as GM Transition reporting to Z’s Chief Executive Mike Bennetts.

“Julian’s role will be to review the business case for reinstating safe and reliable production operations at Te Kora Hou, Z’s Biofuel plant, while establishing an alternative biofuels supply chain in support of recent government announcement of a biofuels mandate,” said Mike.

Julian will also be focused on securing the value available from optimising Z’s core business and preparing for the potential move to an import-only fuels supply chain in support of Refining NZ’s ongoing strategic review.

Nicolas (Nic) Williams has been appointed to the role of GM Strategy and Risk, replacing Julian Hughes.

Commenting on the appointment, Mike Bennetts said, “The scale of the challenge to decarbonise New Zealand’s energy sector, and how Z can meaningfully support NZ’s

ambitions to meet the Paris 2050 climate goals, will require us to think differently about
our strategy.”

“That longer term thinking needs to be matched by work on our current core business; ensuring we execute and optimise Z’s core business activity to generate the free cash flow needed to support in New Zealand’s ambition for a low-carbon energy future.

Given Nic’s investment banking background, commercial acumen and operational risk experience he is ideally suited to lead Z’s strategy and risk teams,” Mike added.

Nicola Law appointed new GM Commercial

Z is pleased to announce that Nicola Law, currently Z’s Integrated Supply Chain Manager, has been appointed to the role of GM Commercial, replacing Nic Williams.

“I am delighted to appoint Nicola to the GM Commercial role. Her breadth of experience and the diversity of thought that she will bring to the executive team made her the stand-out candidate for the role,” said Mike.

Nicola has held several roles during her seven-year career at Z including Commercial Aviation and Marine Manager and worked on several special projects, including the acquisition of Chevron NZ, the Fuel Market Study and the development of Pumped, Z’s loyalty and rewards program launched in August 2019.

Prior to joining Z Nicola spent nine years at bp in varied roles including Regional Operations Manager based in Perth, Western Australia, responsible for the safe and reliable operation of the company’s seven terminals in the state.

Nicola’s appointment achieves another milestone for Z – gender parity on the Executive team – and continues to progress the company’s ambition to nurture a pipeline of women leaders in the company and in New Zealand.

Media enquiries: Victoria.crockford@z.co.nz

15/02/2021 - General News

Z Energy supports customers to stay safe at its service stations during COVID-19 Alert Level changes

Z Energy reminds its customers that their safety, and the safety of our Z Energy team, are of central importance to the company during Alert Level 3 in the Auckland region and Alert Level 2 throughout the rest of the country.

At both Alert Levels 2 and 3, Z stores, including bathrooms, will be open and there is plenty of fuel and shop supplies - we encourage everyone to fuel up and shop as per normal.

To keep our customers and our team safe, we will be operating controlled physical distancing and Perspex screens at all counters and our Auckland region teams will be wearing face masks.

As always, if customers are feeling unwell, we request that they do not visit us.

Contactless payment options

Z has pay at pump available for those customers who do not wish to enter the store.

Z now also offers two payment options in Z App to further reduce the number of surfaces customers need to touch – pay in app and pay by plate – and we encourage all customers to consider using these options to support their own wellbeing, that of other customers and – importantly – our people on the frontline.

To use pay in app, motorists need to download Z App, register their preferred payment method, and fuel type. Once registered, they can drive in, select their pump number, and tap ‘Unlock’. Once they have finished fuelling, they hang up the pump and payment happens automatically via the app.

To use pay by plate, motorists need to download Z App and register their number plate. Once registered, the cameras at select Z Energy service stations will read the vehicle’s number plates automatically and release the pumps in any lane. As with pay in app, payment is automatically processed in the app once the nozzle is replaced.

Pay in app is available nationwide. Pay by plate is currently available at 60 Z Energy stations around the country.

For more information, visit Pay with Z App.

Media enquiries: Victoria.crockford@z.co.nz

28/01/2021 - General News

Z Energy welcomes Government’s biofuels policy announcement

Z Energy welcomes today’s announcement by the government that a biofuels mandate is to be implemented to help the country make a start on the carbon reduction in transport that is so urgently required.

Accompanying Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Transport Minister Michael Wood and Climate Change Minister James Shaw at the Z Energy biodiesel plant in Wiri, South Auckland today, Z Energy CEO Mike Bennetts said that climate change action requires policy certainty and industry investment, and that Z is committed to playing its part to transition New Zealand off fossil fuels.

“We’ve long said that we want to be at the heart of the climate change solution – working on that commitment is what gets the Z team up in the morning and will play a significant role in creating value for Z in the long term. The policy certainty created by today’s announcement gives us confidence to review our investment in a safe and reliable biodiesel supply chain. We believe that our local production capability is a good news story for New Zealand and an example of the potential of the New Zealand circular economy.

“We will continue to work on Z’s strategic opportunities for other fuel alternatives such as electric and hydrogen as we know that there is no silver bullet - the best fuel for the best use case will be the foundation of a successful energy transition.

“We want to work with all our customers and all New Zealanders wherever they are at in their low carbon journey with solutions that work for their business and household needs,” said Mike.

Z has been producing Z Bio D at its Wiri plant, Te Kora Hou out of inedible tallow, a local waste agriculture product, as well as importing a biodiesel from Australia to supplement its stocks while the plant has paused production. Z currently supplies a number of key commercial customers directly and has a biodiesel-only truck stop at Highbrook, East Tamaki.

Z General Manager Supply, David Binnie said that one of the key benefits of biodiesel is its compatibility with existing diesel engines.

“New Zealand has a lot of diesel trucks and utes and many of our customers who drive them have been seeking lower-carbon options. Z Bio D meets this need, as it complies with New Zealand’s strict diesel as well as biodiesel specifications, meaning customers can use it with confidence right now. The best part is, each tank of Z Bio D at a 5 per cent blend rate has around four per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than a tank of regular diesel. In the bigger picture, the Te Kora Hou plant running at its 20 million litres per year capacity would provide biodiesel that is the equivalent of taking 17,000 diesel vehicles off the road, and it is just one plant.”

Addressing the inclusion of aviation fuels in the policy announcement, Dave said that Z and Air New Zealand have a long-standing partnership when it comes to the Sustainable Aviation Fuel, or Biojet, opportunity for New Zealand.

“We look forward to continuing our five- year partnership with Air New Zealand and others developing a road map for Sustainable Aviation Fuel to become the norm in New Zealand,” said Dave.

Further information

  • Z Bio D is currently ‘B5’ blend, meaning it is 5% biodiesel to 95% regular diesel. We chose this blend to ensure compatibility with current diesel specifications and the broadest range of diesel engines. This blend can be scaled up to provide even more low carbon benefit depending on policy settings and engine specifications.
  • Biodiesel is also a cleaner burning alternative to regular diesel, helping to address the matter of air pollution from diesel vehicles.
  • For more information about Z biodiesel visit - https://z.co.nz/keeping-business-on-the-move/fuels/z-biodiesel/
  • For the New Zealand Biojet Consortium submission to the Interim Climate Change Commission visit - https://z.co.nz/assets/Uploads/Submission-to-ICCC-on-Reducing-GHG-Emissions-through-Sustainable-Aviation-Fuel-SAF2.pdf

Media enquiries: victoria.crockford@z.co.nz; 021347833
Investor enquiries: matt.hardwick@z.co.nz


26/01/2021 - Sustainability news

Z Kilbirnie crowned Waste Warriors

At Z we’re on mission to more with less. That means we deliver what matters for a moving world whilst contributing towards the welfare of New Zealand's natural environment and its people.

Our Waste Warriors competition is run at the end of each year in a bid to find and crown our network’s waste champions. The two-month competition challenges sites to work within their teams alongside suppliers and customers to reduce their waste. This year’s competition saw some of our staff take waste to new heights with some incredible creativity in showing off their upcycling skills and making site decorations from cardboard, paper and bottle caps!

The overall winner was Z Kilbirnie! The site diverted 94% of waste from landfill during the competition, had high engagement scores across all activities and joined their Retailer on a visit to Flight Plastics, one of New Zealand’s few onshore plastic recycling plants, to understand just what happens to that plastic you put in your recycling bin. This was an eye-opening experience for the team, “there is so much contamination from people not emptying their drink bottles before putting them in the recycling bin. This makes it really hard for the recycler to use the plastic and so it can end up not being recycled at all” observed one team member, “always empty and rinse your plastic before recycling!”

68 sites took part this year and collectively diverted nearly 70% of all their waste from landfill. The competition ran through NZ’s ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign and so a huge effort was made to reduce food waste on site through careful planning, using bake sheets and monitoring food sales throughout the month. This resulted in 22% reduction in food waste compared to last year. Eight tonnes of the remaining food waste including unsold sandwiches, pies and coffee grounds were composted.

Z’s Sustainability Champion Camilla Read says: “The determination each site has to make a difference to their local community is inspiring. They look beyond their own sites, joining community waste pick-up groups and engaging with local schools and hospices to repurpose reading materials. Their collective impact makes a huge impact and encourages others to get involved.”

Competition runners up were Z Queenstown, Z Rutherford, Z Richmond and Z Bryndwr – so be sure to give them a congratulations if you’re in the area … and don’t forget your BYO cup for your Z Espress discount.

Check out what else you can do to join Z and do more with less

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09/12/2020 - General News

Z Energy launches its first biodiesel only truck stop at Highbrook in Auckland

For the first time in Z’s history, the company has made branded biodiesel available to diesel users at the Z Highbrook truck stop in Auckland.

Branded “Z Bio D”, the product is a blend of five per cent biodiesel made from a waste feedstock, mixed with 95 per cent regular diesel.

Z’s General Manager of Supply, David Binnie said that converting the pumps to biodiesel at Z Highbrook is part of the company’s intention to continue delivering on low carbon fuels.

“While our biodiesel production plant Te Kora Hou remains in hibernation pending increased customer demand or a more favourable policy environment to support low carbon fuels, we remain committed to continuing to meet demand for biodiesel from our more forward-thinking customers.

“To do so, we have imported a biodiesel from Australia that is similar to our own to supplement our remaining stocks. While we believe local production capability would be the best outcome for New Zealand’s low carbon future, we are pleased to support those customers such as infrastructure firm Dempsey Wood and NZ Post who are using biofuels as an immediate option for reducing their carbon footprint.”

David said that one of the key benefits of biodiesel is its compatibility with existing diesel engines.

“Many of our customers have been seeking lower-carbon options for parts of their fleet that rely on diesel. Z Bio D meets this need, as it complies with New Zealand’s strict diesel as well as biodiesel specifications, meaning customers can use it with confidence. It also improves lubricity, which reduces engine wear and tear. And the best part is, each tank of Z Bio D has around four per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than a tank of regular diesel,” said Dave.

Z Business card holders have been notified of the change at Z Highbrook and can use the biodiesel should they wish to use a high-quality fuel that is better for the environment. The company intends on using the initiative to learn more about how customers are using a low-carbon fuel truck stop.

For those customers requiring regular diesel, the Z Highbrook service station continues to sell regular diesel, as well as other Z truck stops in the area.

Media contact – Victoria.Crockford@z.co.nz

02/12/2020 - General News

Z Energy launches NZ-first pay by number plate option in time to make the Christmas road trip easier

Z Energy has launched another NZ-first innovation in its free app with a digital payment option that uses number plate recognition to make fuelling up easier, just in time for the Christmas road trip.

To use pay by plate, motorists simply need to download Z App and register their number plate. Once registered, the cameras at Z Energy service stations will read the vehicle’s number plates automatically and release the pumps in any lane. Payment is automatically processed in the app once the nozzle is replaced - allowing the customer to fill up and go without needing to enter the store.

An evolution of the company’s successful ‘Fastlane’ trial, the pay by plate feature is all about ease and choice for customers, and follows in the footsteps of other leading in-app innovations such as award-winning virtual fuel tank, Sharetank, Pre order coffee and fuel emission smart calculator, Carbon Count.

In the time of COVID-19, pay by plate is also about giving customers the choice to pay their way with a contactless option said Z’s Chief Customer Officer, Jane Anthony.

“We knew from the big increase in the popularity of our pre-order coffee in Z App after Alert Level 4 was lifted that many people are after a touch-free and efficient way of making purchases. Pay by plate provides another option for making filling the tank more convenient and reducing the number of surfaces customers need to touch.”

Pay by plate is currently available at 61 Z Energy stations around the country.

For more information, see Pay with Z App.

Media contact – Victoria.Crockford@z.co.nz


16/10/2020 - General News

Z’s virtual fuel tank Sharetank wins big at 2020 Australasian CX awards

Z Energy is focused on delivering world-class customer experience to Kiwi motorists and is delighted that its virtual fuel tank, Sharetank (patent pending) has won the ‘Best Use of Tech to Revolutionise Customer Experience’ at the Australasian CX Awards – “the ultimate accolade in CX to benchmark and recognise CX excellence and innovation in the region”.

Z’s Chief Innovation Officer, Scott K Bishop said that Sharetank, which is one of the fastest growing products in company history, was co-created with customers and is all about giving them confidence they are accessing transparent pricing that is right for them.

“We know some customers drive across town to save money, which certainly isn’t the best use of their time. When they pre-buy through Sharetank, we will automatically give them the lowest Z pump price within 30 kilometres so there is no need to travel to get it. They can buy when the price is right for them and redeem anywhere across Aotearoa. Sharetank really is a win-win for our customers.”

Sharetank customers can also share their virtual fuel with up to five other people. Z’s Chief Customer Officer Jane Anthony said that this sharing capability really came to the fore during New Zealand’s “lockdown”.

“Using Sharetank, Z was able to donate and distribute fuel amongst Student Volunteer Army members, who were working to ensure groceries and vital supplies reached those communities who were most in need. It showed the power of technology to scale up positive impact and we think that is a part of what makes Sharetank a revolutionary experience in the New Zealand fuel market.

“Sharetank was one of our first demonstrations of the impact of empowered, cross functional teams and I congratulate our team on their dedication and success, which has now been recognised internationally,” said Jane.

This is not the first win for Sharetank, which also recently won an Australasian Good Design Award. Z looks forward to continuing the demonstration of CX excellence through other Z App features, such as our market leading Pre-order coffee and smart fuel emissions calculator, Carbon Count.

Learn more about Sharetank.

08/10/2020 - General News

Product Safety Recall — Reusable cup recalled after manufacturer advises default

  • What: Brown Z Espress BYO Reusable Cup with ‘Byo Cup’ printed on the cup sleeve and lid has been recalled
  • When: Sold at Z Energy Sites on promotion from August 2018 until October 2020
  • Action: Return to nearest Z service station for full refund
  • Exception: Z Espress cups without the Byo branding are not included in this recall

Z Energy has been advised that BioPak in Australia have recalled their ByoCup product manufactured since 2013 after concerns that the bottom of the cup may detach which could lead to injury if occurring while containing hot liquid.

BioPak Product Recall: All BioCups sold since 2013

Z Energy sold a Z branded ByoCup (image included), the Z Espress branded Brown Reusable BYO Cup for a one-off campaign that launched in August 2018 through its Z Retail service station network, designed to promote reusable cups as a means of reducing waste and encouraging sustainability.

While we have instructed the removal of any remaining stock through our network, we’re encouraging any customer who purchased the promotional Z Espress branded Brown Reusable BYO Cup as pictured to return it to their nearest Z Service Station for a full refund of the $10 original purchase price. Receipt of purchase is not required to obtain the refund.

All other Z branded reusable/KeepCup’s (including the new Z KeepCup range) are unaffected by this manufacturing recall.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause for our customers and would like to thank them for their understanding and their commitment to sustainability through utilising reusable cups.

If any customer has a question regarding this recall notice then please email general@z.co.nz.


24/09/2020 - General News

Z taking every precaution to manage risk posed by positive COVID-19 customer visiting Z Tūrangi

Z Energy has been advised that a customer who is now a confirmed positive COVID-19 customer visited its Z Tūrangi service station on Sunday 20th September 2020 between approximately 11am and 11.15AM.

The Ministry of Health has advised that all staff and customers are considered casual contacts at this stage. As per official guidelines, Z therefore encourages any customer who visited Z Tūrangi on Sunday 20th September to monitor their health for 14 days and to isolate themselves immediately if any symptoms develop and phone Healthline or their GP to arrange to be tested.

For additional information, see the New Zealand Government's COVID-19 website.

As a precautionary measure, the Z Tūrangi convenience store and adjacent toilets have been closed for the purposes of a deep clean and our retailer has asked all their staff members to undertake a COVID-19 test as soon as is practicably possible.

We expect the deep clean to be completed by this afternoon (Thursday 24 September 2020). In the meantime, customers can purchase fuel via Pay-At-Pump.

Z has been actively managing the risk posed by COVID-19 at all its sites with the maintenance of Perspex screens between customers and staff, hand sanitiser for all customers, regular cleaning of high touch surfaces and the display of official NZ COVID Tracer App QR codes and manual registers to ensure all customer can check in. We also have Sharetank, a contactless payment option via Z App should people prefer.

We wish a speedy recovery for the customer concerned and ask all our customers to stay safe by maintaining precautionary hygiene measures and using the NZ COVID Tracer App to keep a log of their movements wherever possible.

If you have any questions regarding this, then please contact us on 0800 474 355 or general@z.co.nz.


Media contact – Victoria.Crockford@z.co.nz


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