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Awanuia marine oil barge

07/10/2011 - General News

Jonathan Hill

Z Energy today said it would make the Awanuia marine oil barge available to play whatever role it could in an attempt to recover fuel oil from the Rena.

The Awanuia is a dedicated marine fuel barge owned by Seafuels and chartered by Z Energy to take fuel oil from the Marsden Point refinery to supply ships in Auckland harbour.

Z Chief Executive Mike Bennetts said Z was requested to make the boat available by the Rena’s salvors late last night.

“The salvors have requested that the Awanuia be in Tauranga on Monday and, thanks to the understanding of some of our marine customers, we have committed to that,” he said.

Mike Bennetts noted that any recovery operation would be carried out by the salvors, with Z’s contribution being the release of the charter and making the Awanuia available as requested.