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17/06/2010 - General News

Jonathan Hill

What are key ingredients of a world-class Kiwi company? 

For Greenstone Energy, which took over the ownership of the Shell retail and distribution business in April, two critical ingredients are world-class customer service and investing in New Zealand and its people. 

In recognition of the value of investing in local jobs and delivering excellent customer service, Greenstone today signed a contract which will bring the company’s call centre in the Philippines back to New Zealand, creating around 12 fulltime Kiwi jobs.

Since April, Greenstone has created a total of 40 new Kiwi jobs, mostly through bringing previously outsourced roles back to New Zealand.

As part of Greenstone’s commitment to building ‘in-country expertise’, roles in treasury management, marketing, asset management and credit functions that were previously undertaken elsewhere are now back ‘in-house’ here in New Zealand. 

Chief Executive Mike Bennetts said Greenstone has important points of difference from its competitors. “We’re locally owned and operated, the returns from our business are retained here for the benefit of New Zealanders and, while competitors are moving jobs offshore, we’re creating jobs and investment in New Zealand. 

“While Shell was previously paying for these roles globally, as local owners we are now in a position to keep these costs and benefits within New Zealand.”

Mike Bennetts said being able to demonstrate a tangible commitment to New Zealand was being welcomed by staff, customers and suppliers and he expected Greenstone’s unique position in the New Zealand market would deliver competitive advantage.

He said while Greenstone was directly creating new jobs, it would prefer to partner with leading New Zealand companies, and this was the approach behind the company’s contract with the award-winning call centre provider, Telnet. Telnet is one of New Zealand’s largest privately owned call centres and employs 160 Kiwi staff in Queen Street, Auckland.

Telnet founder and chief executive John Chetwynd says today’s announcement demonstrates Greenstone’s commitment to New Zealand and also marks the beginning of a trend whereby corporates are bringing their call centre operations to New Zealand.

“Both Greenstone and Telnet agree that being Kiwi-owned counts for little if it’s not backed up by world-class performance. We work hard on delivering cost efficiencies alongside cutting-edge technology and friendly staff, delivered locally. It’s this combined strategy that is paying off for Telnet.”

Telnet is currently recruiting for Greenstone’s call centre roles in Auckland. The Greenstone call centre will be running in New Zealand from 1 August 2010.