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Charity Votes Outcome for Auckland Z Pilots

24/08/2011 - General News

Sheena Thomas

During the months of June and July Z Energy opened three new pilot service stations in Auckland; in Greenlane, Takanini, and Mangere (Z Skyway).

At these sites Aucklanders have been able to experience a new commitment to forecourt service, top quality baking and espresso coffee.

At each station locals were invited to vote for their preferred charity when they filled up at the new Z branded service station.

Z has replaced the Shell logo to better reflect its local ownership, but more importantly to provide a new kiwi service experience and offering designed to meet what Kiwis said they wanted from a New Zealand service station.

Mike Bennetts, Z Energy CEO said: “Not only are the profits from the Z business being kept in New Zealand and going towards meeting the costs of superannuation, we are also supporting New Zealand businesses in our offering, by buying locally as much as possible. Most importantly we also want to support our local communities.

“We wanted to do that from day one – so at the opening of every Z site we have committed $5000 to go to local community organisations as part of our opening celebrations.

“Our customers have been able to cast a vote for one of four local community organisations that were selected by our team on the ground in those particular neighbourhoods,” said Mike.

Each customer who filled up at Z Greenlane, Z Takanini or Z Skyway got a token to vote for their favourite group, and the $5000 was split according to the percentage of votes each community organisation received.

“We’re a Kiwi company operated locally, so inviting locals to choose the charities that matter most to them is a reflection of what matters to us – local operations benefiting local people,” said Mike.

“We really appreciate the support these local Auckland communities have shown in visiting our sites and voting for their preferred charity, and the feedback they have been giving us on what they like about our new service stations, what we could do better, and some ideas of their own.”

The votes are now in at all the Auckland pilot sites, and the beneficiaries are as varied as the populations they represent. The organisation to get the most votes in Greenlane was the Ellerslie Plunket; in Takanini the most votes went to Hospice South Auckland; and for Z Skyway it was the SPCA in Mangere.

At Z Greenlane our customers voted for the $5000 to be divided in the following way:

At Z Takanini our customers voted for the $5000 to be divided in the following way:

At Z Skyway our customers voted for the$5000 to be divided between: