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Critical fuel infrastructure comes back on line

27/02/2011 - General News

Jonathan Hill

Greenstone Energy – the New Zealand company that owns and operates the Shell-branded retail network – said vital pieces of Christchurch’s fuel infrastructure had been returned to service over the weekend, further strengthening fuel supplies into the city.

Greenstone Chief Executive Mike Bennetts said over the weekend the Port of Lyttelton and the Port’s terminal pipework had been approved for use and the Torea, which had completed a full fuel discharge at the Port of Timaru, is sailing back to Lyttleton and discharging more fuel into the Lyttelton terminals.

In particular, jet fuel is being discharged from the Torea at Lyttelton today, allowing stock levels of jet fuel at Christchurch Airport to begin to replenish.

“I’m pleased that some of the signs of panic buying we saw last week have begun to subside, enabling us to replenish and build stock levels at our retail sites and resume something closer to normal operations in serving the people of Christchurch.

“I’d like to thank all of our site and terminal staff for doing an outstanding job in managing an incredibly difficult period, the likes of which we have never seen before,” said Mike Bennetts.

“Over the last few days, the industry has made very good progress bringing supplies of fuel into Christchurch and restoring critical fuel infrastructure. Using Greenstone’s Timaru terminal from which to truck fuel into Christchurch provided a valuable back-up and deliveries continue to be made from this terminal, as well as direct from Lyttelton and Woolston.”

Mike Bennetts said the clearance to use the Port of Lyttelton for deliveries over the weekend was a very positive development.

“There will be additional deliveries of all grades of fuel directly into Lyttelton over the coming days.” 

By Sunday afternoon, 15 of Greenstone’s retail sites and all six of the company’s truckstops are open. Truckstops are holding good stock levels and are being frequently replenished. The company expects to open more retail sites next week, when power supply is restored and the necessary safety checks have been completed. 

Operational retail sites and truckstops (subject to change and supplies)

  • Belfast, Templeton, Carmen Road, Kaiapoi, Curletts Road, Southbrook, Raceway, Bryndwyr, Yaldhurst, Burnside, Bishopdale, Darfield, Brougham, Ferry Road, Cashmere, Amberley
  • Truckstops: Hornby, Templeton, Southbrook, Amberley, Sawyers Arms, Port Hills.