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Energy efficiency a key sustainability goal for Z

02/09/2013 - General News

Sheena Thomas

Z Energy announced today that it has commenced work on installing external LED lighting on 171 forecourts throughout its service station network, which is forecast to achieve a 16% reduction of carbon emissions per annum from its retail operations.

The rolling out of LED canopy lighting across the network represents an 11.3% savings in total energy use for the company.

Z is investing $2.73 million in the project in this financial year with completion of the roll-out expected to be early 2014.

The project is being supported by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) who will work with Z to promote energy efficiency to their customers.

The rolling out of LED lighting on Z forecourts will deliver an annual 16.35% reduction in CO2 emissions across the Z network, and save more than 50% in lighting costs.

Mark Forsyth, General Manager Retail at Z Energy, said that this project is one of a number of things the company is pursuing to become a more sustainable business.

“Z’s sustainability strategy not only looks at doing the right thing for New Zealand, but also ensures the long term viability of the business. This is a three-pronged approach: Getting our own house in order, seeking to help our existing customers use fuel more efficiently and ultimately to find alternative sustainable energy sources.

“We have made a big financial commitment to this project, but see its value in not only the energy savings it will deliver, but as a demonstration of how making a financial investment in energy efficiency can deliver clear returns for business over time.

“Improved energy management can also deliver a number of other benefits for businesses; in this particular case the roll-out will deliver increased safety on the sites with better lighting, fewer outages, and reduced maintenance,” said Mark. The energy savings Z will make each year through this initiative equates to enough electricity to power 350 New Zealand homes.

EECA Chief Executive, Mike Underhill, says the partnership with Z is significant.

“This agreement will help EECA promote energy efficiency to approximately 170,000 Z customers who visit over 200 service stations across the country every day. This will include the promotion of fuel efficient driving as well as energy saving activities in the home and business.”

“In addition, the lighting upgrade will demonstrate leadership to the business community, and show that energy efficient investments make good economic sense.”

Mark Forsyth said: “Together with EECA we can incentivise energy efficiency by showcasing a large-scale business undertaking with sustainability at its heart, and how it works from a sustainability, energy conservation, and bottom line perspective for better business,”

Z has contracted Philips New Zealand to supply and install the LED lights.



Energy Facts:

• The lighting solution lasts up to 50,000 hours.

• Deliver a CO2 saving of up to 490 tonnes per year over 10 years

• Annual 16.35% reduction in CO2 emissions across the Z network.

• Savings of 50% in lighting energy costs.

• At least a 60% energy saving per energy fitting on a one-for-one replacement.

• Fittings automatically detect when there is no one the forecourt and reduces by 50%

• The 2,905,306 kWh of energy saved each year is enough to power 350 homes.