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‘Good in the Hood’: over $1 million to support what matters most

15/10/2012 - General News

Sheena Thomas

Z Energy today announced it will contribute over $1 million to neighbourhood groups and projects that matter the most to its customers, in the Z ‘Good in the Hood’ programme.


“Our customers have told us that they expect a Kiwi company to give back to local neighbourhoods and support the things that matter most to New Zealanders, so that’s what we’re doing with ‘Good in the Hood’,” said Z Chief Executive Mike Bennetts.


“We want our 210 Z service stations to be at the heart of their neighbourhoods so we’re going for a truly local approach which will ultimately be determined by our customers.”


On 1 November, through z.co.nz, neighbourhood groups and projects from across the country will be able to apply to a specific Z service station to be part of the programme.


The only criteria that the group or project needs to fulfill to apply for ‘Good in the Hood’ are:


• be active in the local neighbourhood around a specific Z site and

• be focused around helping people who need it.


For the month of November, applications will be received, with each of the 210 Z service stations then selecting four local neighbourhood groups or projects to support. These groups and projects will be announced on z.co.nz in February 2013.


Following that, every customer visiting a Z station for a period of time will be given an orange token and invited to physically vote for the organisation they wish to support. From that point, the votes will be tallied, the results will be announced and the cheques presented.


Each service station will have $5,000 to contribute through the Z Good in the Hood programme, with $4,000 through the on-site customer voting element and $1,000 for discretionary neighbourhood support over the year.


Mike Bennetts said the approach was as decentralised as possible. “It doesn’t make any sense for me or somebody else in Wellington to try and decide what matters in Ashburton or Tauranga, so we’re asking locals to tell us and for our customers to vote.


“What we’ve seen in the first year in which we trialed this approach is that we’ve been able to support all sorts of grass roots organisations making a real difference in local neighbourhoods.


“We think that ‘Good in the Hood’ will make a real difference in neighbourhoods across New Zealand. It’s one way we’re choosing to live our brand promise that Z really is for New Zealand.”


There is more information about Good in the Hood, and the ability to submit your application, in the Good in the Hood section.