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Independent research shows Z most preferred by Kiwis

15/06/2012 - General News

Jonathan Hill

Two weeks out from the conclusion of the Z Energy rebranding project, independent research released today shows the new Kiwi brand has already clearly emerged as the country’s most preferred fuel retailer.

The research was conducted by Colmar Brunton for Canstar Blue and covered 2,500 consumers. Despite the Z brand not quite being completely rolled out yet, Z outperformed the rest of the industry, scoring five star ratings in terms of overall satisfaction, service, range of other items, appearance and cleanliness and facilities.

Z Chief Executive Mike Bennetts said he was delighted with the results, which were consistent with the company’s own research.

“We’ve launched the Z brand to better reflect our local ownership and our commitments to deliver real value for our customers in the areas that matter most to them.

“It’s been a big decision to develop a local brand from scratch instead of sticking with one of the world’s biggest brands, but we listened carefully to customers before we took the decision and we’ve developed a brand and an offer which is all about our customers.


“Z stands for something completely different in this market. We’re a local company for a start, our profits stay here for the benefit of New Zealanders and when we say ‘Z is for New Zealand’, we mean it.”

Mike Bennetts said Z was committed to building a genuinely world class company.

“The very last Z site will be launched late in June in Christchurch, bringing an end to one of the country’s biggest and most visible rebranding projects in at least a decade.

“But the branding exercise is really the tip of the iceberg. We have only just started in terms of consistently delivering against what our customers tell us they want. Kiwi customers deserve more than what they’ve previously been offered and we’re committed to delivering the real value our customers seek and deserve.”


  • The final Z site to be rebranded will be Z Addington in Christchurch on 27 June.
  • Canstar Blue's research on service stations can be found on their website.