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Kiwi communities to benefit from nationwide defibrillator installation

01/04/2016 - General News

Kiwi communities will have easier access to life-saving technology thanks to Z Energy’s nationwide installation of more than 200 defibrillators at Z service stations across New Zealand.

Last month, Z purchased the 214 defibrillators from St John. Work is underway to ensure every Z service station across the country has a defibrillator installed.  

Z’s Retail Sales Manager, Rob McDonald, said the decision to install the defibrillators was a no-brainer.

“We know that defibrillators significantly increase the chance of someone surviving a cardiac arrest, and we reckon making defibrillators available to our site staff, to our customers and to communities across New Zealand is just one small step we can take toward helping keep our communities safe.

“While this initiative comes at a cost, at the end of the day these machines only need to save one life for their installation to be worthwhile.”

St John Chief Executive, Peter Bradley, says New Zealand has a relatively low rate of public access to defibrillators.

“Early defibrillation has the potential to double or treble the survival rate from cardiac arrest, and we support any initiative to make this life-saving technology more publicly available.

“Our partnership with Z allows us to make the most of their nationwide service station network and place defibrillators in easy to find locations all over New Zealand.”

The initiative is just one of a number of exciting opportunities to come out of Z’s recent partnership with St John, Rob said.

“This year, as part of our partnership with St John, we’re going to be supporting their annual appeal week with the sale of first aid plasters at Z sites, with all proceeds going to St John.

“We’re also really keen to ensure our own Z team are well-equipped when it comes to CPR and the use of defibrillators, so we’ve invited St John to come in and run two in-house sessions covering both CPR and AED demonstrations.”

The St John annual appeal week runs from Monday 4 April through until Sunday, 10 April. The first aid plasters go on sale at Z services stations from today and will be available through until Sunday, 10 April or while stocks last.