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Neighbourhoods have decided how Z will divide $1m between local groups and projects

22/04/2013 - General News

Sheena Thomas

The voting phase of Z’s Good in the Hood programme is over and the results of how the $1m will be divided are in.

Over 600 community groups doing good in neighbourhoods across New Zealand were selected from thousands of applications and Z customers were asked to vote for their favourite group throughout March.

Every Z service station in New Zealand supported four neighbourhood groups that had applied to be part of the programme. These groups are now receiving a share of the $4,000 allocated to each of Z’s 210 service stations based on how the Z stations’ customers voted.

Customers making a purchase at a Z station during March was given an orange token and invited to vote for the organisation they wished to support.

The votes have now been tallied and the cheques are being presented over the next week or two,

Customers also voted in Z’s online Token Hunt at z.co.nz and the 10 groups which received the most votes through the Token Hunt are receiving an extra $500 each.


It is not all over for groups as a further $1,000 per service station has been set aside for Z’s local retailers to support other neighbourhood projects as they arise through the remainder of the year.

Z’s General Manager of Retail, Mark Forsyth, said: “We wanted our 210 Z service stations to be at the heart of their neighbourhoods, with local operations benefiting local people,” said Mark.

Mark also said Z was impressed by the calibre of applications received for the programme. “We were humbled by the passion and commitment demonstrated by many of these groups and the amazing work they’re doing in their local neighbourhoods.”

“These are tough economic times, but these groups have an unwavering focus on helping people, and as a Kiwi company we want to help them make a difference for New Zealanders.”

“We want to thank all the Z customers who took the time to vote either in our service stations or online – your vote has made a real difference,” Mark said.

To see how much funding your favourite neighbourhood group received, visit www.z.co.nz/Groups