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Product Safety Recall — Reusable cup recalled after manufacturer advises default

08/10/2020 - General News

  • What: Brown Z Espress BYO Reusable Cup with ‘Byo Cup’ printed on the cup sleeve and lid has been recalled
  • When: Sold at Z Energy Sites on promotion from August 2018 until October 2020
  • Action: Return to nearest Z service station for full refund
  • Exception: Z Espress cups without the Byo branding are not included in this recall

Z Energy has been advised that BioPak in Australia have recalled their ByoCup product manufactured since 2013 after concerns that the bottom of the cup may detach which could lead to injury if occurring while containing hot liquid.

BioPak Product Recall: All BioCups sold since 2013

Z Energy sold a Z branded ByoCup (image included), the Z Espress branded Brown Reusable BYO Cup for a one-off campaign that launched in August 2018 through its Z Retail service station network, designed to promote reusable cups as a means of reducing waste and encouraging sustainability.

While we have instructed the removal of any remaining stock through our network, we’re encouraging any customer who purchased the promotional Z Espress branded Brown Reusable BYO Cup as pictured to return it to their nearest Z Service Station for a full refund of the $10 original purchase price. Receipt of purchase is not required to obtain the refund.

All other Z branded reusable/KeepCup’s (including the new Z KeepCup range) are unaffected by this manufacturing recall.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause for our customers and would like to thank them for their understanding and their commitment to sustainability through utilising reusable cups.

If any customer has a question regarding this recall notice then please email general@z.co.nz.