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Quakes and Ladders game raises $4,100 to prevent family violence

03/12/2013 - General News

Christine Langdon

Z Energy retailers across Canterbury have raised more than $4000 for Aviva Family Violence Services as part of Z's “Good In The Hood” community support programme.  

The retailers have been fundraising with sales of 'Quakes and Ladders' - a family game that injects fun and humour into the earthquake recovery process.

Quakes & Ladders was released in December 2012 by Christchurch resident Siobhan Grimshaw after she and her husband endured six house moves and wearying battles with their insurer in the wake of the Canterbury quakes. Players throw dice to move their piece forward and go up ladders and down quakes, mimicking the emotional journey of home-owners in the real life game of earthquake recovery.

Generous support with production costs from several Christchurch businesses, including Fotocopy in Ferrymead, Office Max in Hornby and Blacks Fasteners in Sdenham, means that every cent of the purchase price of games bought at Z goes to Aviva.

Christchurch retailers are now selling the game at the special Christmas price of $15. 

"We’re really grateful for this amazing support, especially as the need for our services is higher than ever” says Aviva Marketing Manager Julie McCloy. “Z stations selling Siobhan’s game for us is a really great example of people partnering up to maximize some good for their community – and the game is fun!”

Quakes and Ladders has also raised $2,750 to support voluntary projects for elderly people in Mt Pleasant, where the game was first launched.

If you'd like to be part of this positive post-quake community spirit you can purchase Quakes & Ladders at Z Energy retailers across Canterbury, Casual & Country Ferrymead and Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market.  Give a great gift that gives back this Christmas!