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Quakes and Ladders – helping Aviva continue doing good in the neighbourhood

31/05/2013 - General News

Sheena Thomas

Z Energy service stations in the Canterbury area are helping Aviva, formerly the Christchurch Women’s Refuge, raise money by selling the board game, Quakes and Ladders.

Z’s relationship with Aviva started two years ago when the Christchurch Women’s Refuge was chosen by a number of Z Service Stations as part of Z’s “Good in the Hood” programme.

Good in the Hood is a programme where every Z service station in New Zealand supports four locally selected neighbourhood groups, and these groups each receive a share of $4000 per station based on how the local Z customers voted.  Aviva was a very popular choice across the region with many people wanting to support their services.

Good in the Hood has led to a lasting relationship with Aviva, and from the six service stations that supported Aviva as part of Good in the Hood, 24 are now supporting the Quakes and Ladders fundraising initiative.

Not only are all Z stations in Canterbury selling Quakes and Ladders, Christchurch Z Retailer, John Allen, said that there is some friendly rivalry between them as to who can sell the most games for Aviva.

“The Queen’s Birthday long weekend is a particularly good time to support this fundraising effort, as so many New Zealanders are on the road.

“The formation of Christchurch Women’s Refuge is a Canterbury story, and one we should all feel proud of. The Christchurch Women’s Refuge, formed in 1973, was the first women’s refuge and triggered the development of dozens of other refuges throughout the country,” said John. 

Christchurch Women’s Refuge has recently rebranded as Aviva to better reflect their evolving services, which is focused on early intervention designed to stop the cycle of family violence. Over the last 40 years, the independent Canterbury-based charity has evolved to support children as well as women and, since 2012, also includes a community outreach service for men called ReachOut.

Some of Z’s Christchurch team recently attended the brand launch of Aviva and were re-inspired to help the organisation. 

“The launch was fantastic for us to get an even better understanding of the organisation and the wider range of work that they are involved in.

“At the launch, two of the founders of the original refuge both spoke about the difficulty they faced in getting the refuge operating and how they had to fight for the women that they were supporting at the time, it was both touching and inspiring,” John said.

The Quakes and Ladders board game was developed by a local Christchurch woman, Siobhan Grimshaw, in response to increased violence in homes post the Christchurch earthquakes.

Quakes and Ladders is a memento of the post-earthquake drama many Canterbury people have been through. The playing pieces of nuts and bolts retain the rebuild theme and the game includes upward Ladders such as ‘Scope of Work Completed’ and downward Quakes such as ‘Insurance Company Restructures’ – all terms familiar to many Cantabrians.

The game is intended to be fun for anyone, anywhere, and all the profits from sales go to supporting services provided by Aviva to individuals and families overcoming family violence.