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06/09/2012 - General News

Jonathan Hill

You know the feeling… you find yourself in the queue and all you want to do is pay and get on with your day. Maybe the kids are in the car. But each electronic transaction just drags on… the seconds become minutes… you feel your blood pressure begin to rise…

This all too common retail experience will soon be a thing of the past at Z Energy sites. The company is nearing completion of a $12 million project to replace the electronic point of sale systems in all 203 of the company’s service stations and 93 truckstops which will cut average EFTPOS transaction times from as high as 15 seconds to just a few.

Z’s General Manager of Retail, Mark Forsyth, said the most consistent feedback from Z’s customers was that they valued speed. He said the project will see a slow, 20-year-old system replaced with state-of-the-art Kiwi-made technology, cutting queues and getting customers in and out as quickly as possible.

“We’re investing heavily in giving our customers the speed they have told us they value and we’ve partnered with leading Kiwi technology company, Fusion Transactive, to deliver this project and the technology for us.

“Cutting 10 plus seconds off a transaction time doesn’t sound like much in itself, but the time savings add up, particularly during busy times, and will help minimise inconvenience for our customers. It will cut times in queues and help stop them from forming in the first place. It’s another example of Z listening to our customers and then taking action,” he said.

The replacement project is now underway, with the new system operational in around half the company’s retail sites. The project will be complete in November.