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There could be a new Z in your neighbourhood

02/12/2013 - General News

Sheena Thomas

A brand new Z, complete with gourmet pies and espresso coffee made from 100% Arabica beans, could soon be opening in your neighbourhood.

In line with Z Energy’s commitment to delivering growth through capital investment and investing in New Zealand, Z is building five new service stations around the country over the next five months.

By April 2014, there will be three new Z service stations in Auckland (one in Epsom and two on the North Shore), one in Hamilton and one in Whangarei.

Z’s CEO, Mike Bennetts, said that two and a half years after the launch of the Z brand, Z’s monthly brand tracking has seen Z firmly establish its position as the most preferred retail fuel brand in the downstream transport fuels market.

“Our position as New Zealand’s preferred retail fuel brand gives us a strong base upon which to continue to build customer loyalty.”

“Our research shows that one of the main reasons someone doesn’t fill up at Z, despite saying it is their preferred retail fuel brand, is because there isn’t one conveniently located for them.” 

“We want to be the most convenient, as well as the most preferred choice for fuel customers,” said Mike.

Mike said the refit of Z’s top 100 retail service station stores was completed in August, with refitted stores showing 12 per cent year on year growth in sales.

“These new sites are strategically placed to deliver growth in earnings through increased fuel volume and store sales.”

Z is also making decisions around the format and level of investment appropriate for the company’s remaining retail sites, with plans for several knock down and rebuilds of smaller service stations at strategic locations.



The locations of the new sites will be as follows:

Porowini Avenue, Whangarei

Oteha Valley Road, Albany, North Shore

Onewa Road, North Shore

Manukau Road, Auckland

Mill Street, Hamilton