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Vegan pies becomes a permanent fixture at Z

03/02/2016 - General News

Jonathan Hill

Due to huge demand and a petition requesting the continuation of its availability, Z Energy’s famous Mexican vegan pie will become a permanent fixture in Z stores.

In July, Z ran a ‘DIY Pie’ competition asking people to submit and then vote on their own pie recipes. With almost 4,000 recipes submitted and, with a highly organised vegan community, the winning pie was a Mexican vegan pie designed by ‘Gemma from Auckland’, which went on sale for a month starting on 28 December.

Z’s pie aficionado, Mark Forsyth, said for a company that committed to listening to its customers, it was blindingly obvious that Z’s customers had spoken.

“We’re just so pleased with the success of Gemma’s pie. It basically sold out across the country within the first week of it being stocked and we’ve struggled to keep up with demand over the rest of the month.

“We never expected to be in this position and we’re now gearing up to get the pie into permanent production. This will take a few weeks and we expect Gemma’s pie will be back in stores on a permanent basis in early March.

Mark Forsyth said Z had learned a lot about the challenges of producing vegan food throughout the process.

“In particular we’re grateful for the support and understanding of the vegan community, including Gemma, once we learned a pastry conditioner in the pies contained minute traces of an animal-derived product.

“As a result of learning about this we not only removed it from the pie, but from all of Z’s pies and we’ve taken the opportunity to review every ingredient that goes into our pies to ensure they are what people expect,” he said.

“Z’s committed to stocking a broader range of options in our stores and this pie and the process we went through while we were making it have taught us a lot and helped us take some important small steps towards that goal.”

Jonathan Hill: 04 498 0212