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Greenstone exempts Christchurch from fuel price increase

A sharp drop in the Kiwi dollar and increasing crude oil prices were flowing through into New Zealand’s fuel prices but Greenstone Energy, the New Zealand owner of the Shell-branded retail assets, will not pass these costs through to metropolitan Christchurch at this time.

The New Zealand dollar has dropped to around 75 cents against the United States dollar while Brent crude oil has hit a two and a half year high. The combination of these factors has placed immediate, strong pressure on New Zealand fuel prices. 

“We have held off from doing this for as long as we can and we will hold increasing our prices until early this evening when the post work drive rush is over,” said Greenstone Chief Executive Mike Bennetts. 

“The reasons why fuel prices have to increase are very transparent. We can’t sustain this across the country but, as a company owned by New Zealanders, now is simply not the right time to increase fuel prices in Christchurch. 

“Right now, we’re focused on doing what matters for the people of Christchurch, including our own people. 

“Holding prices in metropolitan Christchurch at current levels is the right thing to do for now. Many other companies are considering how best to respond to the needs of the people in Christchurch. We feel this is an appropriate and direct response for us at this point in time in addition to the other contributions that we have been making. 

“We’re committed to making a difference in Christchurch and we’re working hard to support and enable the work of emergency services as well as delivering a constant supply of fuel to residents and local businesses.” 

Mike Bennetts said there may be a time when prices have to also move in Christchurch but the company will hold off for the foreseeable future. 


Critical fuel infrastructure comes back on line

Greenstone Energy – the New Zealand company that owns and operates the Shell-branded retail network – said vital pieces of Christchurch’s fuel infrastructure had been returned to service over the weekend, further strengthening fuel supplies into the city.

Greenstone Chief Executive Mike Bennetts said over the weekend the Port of Lyttelton and the Port’s terminal pipework had been approved for use and the Torea, which had completed a full fuel discharge at the Port of Timaru, is sailing back to Lyttleton and discharging more fuel into the Lyttelton terminals.

In particular, jet fuel is being discharged from the Torea at Lyttelton today, allowing stock levels of jet fuel at Christchurch Airport to begin to replenish.

“I’m pleased that some of the signs of panic buying we saw last week have begun to subside, enabling us to replenish and build stock levels at our retail sites and resume something closer to normal operations in serving the people of Christchurch.

“I’d like to thank all of our site and terminal staff for doing an outstanding job in managing an incredibly difficult period, the likes of which we have never seen before,” said Mike Bennetts.

“Over the last few days, the industry has made very good progress bringing supplies of fuel into Christchurch and restoring critical fuel infrastructure. Using Greenstone’s Timaru terminal from which to truck fuel into Christchurch provided a valuable back-up and deliveries continue to be made from this terminal, as well as direct from Lyttelton and Woolston.”

Mike Bennetts said the clearance to use the Port of Lyttelton for deliveries over the weekend was a very positive development.

“There will be additional deliveries of all grades of fuel directly into Lyttelton over the coming days.” 

By Sunday afternoon, 15 of Greenstone’s retail sites and all six of the company’s truckstops are open. Truckstops are holding good stock levels and are being frequently replenished. The company expects to open more retail sites next week, when power supply is restored and the necessary safety checks have been completed. 

Operational retail sites and truckstops (subject to change and supplies)

  • Belfast, Templeton, Carmen Road, Kaiapoi, Curletts Road, Southbrook, Raceway, Bryndwyr, Yaldhurst, Burnside, Bishopdale, Darfield, Brougham, Ferry Road, Cashmere, Amberley
  • Truckstops: Hornby, Templeton, Southbrook, Amberley, Sawyers Arms, Port Hills.



Fuel supplies into Christchurch

Greenstone Energy – the New Zealand company that owns and operates the Shell-branded retail network – said the fuel supply situation into Christchurch was continuing to improve.

Greenstone Chief Executive Mike Bennetts said while retail sites would have patchy supplies of fuel while the company caught up following panic buying, important fuel infrastructure was continuing to come back on line.

Following the temporary closure of Port Lyttelton, a shipment of fuel was diverted into Greenstone’s terminal at Timaru. This vessel finished unloading last night and an industry fleet of around 24 trucks has been bridging the fuel into Christchurch on a continuous basis.

Yesterday, two bulk fuel terminals opened for operation at Lyttelton, providing a very important local supply distribution point. Trucking is occurring from both of these terminals, as well as from Timaru.

Further import vessels are scheduled for the coming days and weeks. Indications are that the Lyttelton Port has come through the quake in sound condition and inspection of the pipelines between the berth and fuel storage terminals will be finalised today.

When these pipelines are approved for use, Port Lyttelton will be ready to again take direct fuel shipments, further improving supplies into the city.

“At midday today, 15 of our retail sites and five truckstops are able to trade and we expect to open more next week, when power supply is restored and the necessary safety checks have been completed,” said Mike Bennetts.


“Following very strong demand, it is going to take us some time to catch up with deliveries to sites, so fuel will be unavailable at some sites for short periods of time until next week.

“Delays in trucking times from Timaru have slowed deliveries to sites and truckstops but there is strong supply of fuel into Christchurch. With the Lyttelton terminals coming back on line, we will be working to restore site supplies following the initial wave of demand.”

Mike Bennetts again asked customers to be patient and to treat site staff with respect.

“Our people are pulling all the stops to rebuild supplies in Christchurch but, following panic buying, this will take some days. People need to know there are good supplies of fuel for both customers and emergency services coming into the city and the situation continues to improve.”

Operational retail sites and truckstops (subject to change and supplies)

  • Belfast, Templeton, Carmen Road, Kaiapoi, Carletts Road, Southbrook, Raceway, Bryndwyr, Yaldhurst, Burnside, Bishopdale, Darfield, Brougham, Ferry Road, Cashmere Road
  • Truckstops: Hornby, Templeton, Southbrook, Amberly, Sawyers Arms.


Greenstone’s Christchurch operations

Greenstone Energy – the New Zealand company that owns and operates the Shell-branded retail network – said it was continuing to re-open its retail sites in the Christchurch region.

Greenstone Chief Executive Mike Bennetts said the company had now accounted for the safety of all of its employees and was focused on assisting staff and their families and delivering reliable supplies of fuel to Christchurch. 

“At 11 o’clock this morning, 13 of our retail sites and four truckstops are open and trading and we expect to open more throughout the course of the following days when we are satisfied that they are safe.”

Mike Bennetts said it was obvious that the damage was greater than for the September quakes and it was possible that some sites might be closed for repairs for some weeks.

“Our tanks at Lyttelton appear to have come through the quake in relatively good shape, with no leakage. Inspections over the following days will determine when they can be safely used. Inspections of the port will also determine when deliveries into Lyttelton can resume.

“Greenstone has bulk tankage at the Port of Timaru and a large fuel delivery scheduled for Lyttelton has been diverted to Timaru and will discharge from 10pm this evening until all tanks are completely full. Fuel will then be bridged via trucks into Christchurch on an ongoing basis.”

Mike Bennetts said consumers should not be concerned about fuel supply to the city but asked consumers to assist the recovery effort and only purchase fuel that they really needed. If need be Greenstone will prioritise fuel to emergency services.

“We’re working closely with emergency services to ensure fuel deliveries to generators and machinery via our Mini Tankers direct refuelling business. We’re working closely with our competitors to co-ordinate resources and ensure secure supplies of fuel to the city,” he said.

Operational retail sites and truckstops (subject to change)

  • Belfast, Templeton, Carlton corner, Southbrook, Raceway, Moorehouse Ave, Bryndwar, Yaldhurst, Tinwald, Burnside, Bishopdale, Darfield.
  • Truckstops: Hornby, Templeton, Southbrook, Amberly  


Shell customers to benefit from new technology roll-out

Greenstone Energy today said a decision to replace all point of sale systems across its Shell-branded service stations and truck stops would enable it to deliver even better service to customers and provide a platform for new technologies.

Greenstone has signed a contract with Kiwi technology company Fusion Transactive to replace all point of sale systems at company operated service stations and selected truck stops nationwide.

Greenstone’s General Manager of Retail, Mark Forsyth, said the $10m investment in new technology will increase the speed of transactions and improve customer service. 

“Earlier this year, we undertook a huge amount of customer research which told us what mattered to our customers and what they expected of a new Kiwi fuel supplier.

“We’ve listened to our customers and have committed to a number of initiatives which will enable better service. One component of this commitment to giving our customers what they want is replacing our point of sale technology.

“The technology developed by Fusion Transactive not only makes it faster to process a customer transaction, it gives us a future proof platform to lower our costs which we can then pass on to our customers in the form of lower prices” he said.

Fusion Transactive was selected by Greenstone as a result of a competitive tender process.


“Fusion Transactive is an innovative New Zealand company that is consistently first to market with world-class state of the art technology. Their commitment to customer satisfaction equals our own and we are excited to be partnering with them,” said Mark Forsyth.

Fusion Transactive Chairman, Sir Peter Maire, said Fusion is a world-leading supplier of site automation and payment systems to the retail fuels industry globally, with offices in Malaysia, China, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and significant product installations in Malaysia, Africa, India, the Middle East, South East Asia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and South America .

Fusion's product history spans more than 30 years, and they have been at the forefront of ‘Pay at Pump’ initiatives, developing many “first in world” products.

Sir Peter Maire said Fusion Transactive was delighted to be partnering with New Zealand’s leading locally-owned fuel retailer.

“This announcement demonstrates Greenstone’s commitment to investing in New Zealand and to delivering an innovative, user-friendly, cost-effective and streamlined service, which translates into a better experience for its customers,” he said.

The new point of sale technology will be piloted by 30 June 2011, with a full rollout commencing after then.

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