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Z adding convenience for drivers

19/12/2013 - General News

Christine Langdon

Z Energy is making it easier for drivers of SCR vehicles to get their diesel exhaust fluid, with Z’s Mount Wellington truck stop becoming its second public truck stop with Z DEC (Z Diesel Emission Cleaner) on pump from 23 December.

Z DEC is a diesel exhaust fluid that, in conjunction with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, is designed to help reduce vehicle emissions, namely nitrogen oxides. Many major engine manufacturers have chosen SCR technology for their vehicles to meet emission reduction targets.

Z’s General Manager Commercial, Lindis Jones, says Z aims to have a network of Z DEC at selected Z truck stops nationwide, making it more convenient for drivers to fill up on both their diesel and exhaust fluid with Z.

“It’s about making life on the road easier, and offering a product that more of our customers are looking for as they turn to cleaner emission vehicles.”

“We reckon customers will appreciate the convenience of having more locations where they can top up both their diesel and Z DEC at one stop, and being able to pay for both diesel and the Z DEC on the same fuel management card – their Z Card,” Lindis said.

Z DEC is already available at Z Sanson on State Highway 1, and from 23 December, will be available at Z Mount Wellington truck stop, Sylvia Park Road, Auckland.

“We are currently investigating other sites where we’ll have Z DEC available, providing national coverage for customers who are choosing SCR technology to reduce their vehicle emissions,” said Lindis.

Drivers can find their nearest Z truck stop with Z DEC at Z’s site locator at z.co.nz/find-us. More information on Z DEC can be found at z.co.nz/ZDEC.