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Z bucks the trend on service station robberies

28/08/2014 - General News

Julie Malcolm

Z Energy has proven that crime can be beaten after bringing down the number of robberies across its service station network from 34 in 2005 to five this year.

In 2005, the Z business recorded 34 robberies across its sites – averaging one robbery a fortnight. At the time, the service station industry appeared destined to remain a target for robbery but Z was determined to change this.

“We just weren’t prepared to continue being a target for crime. We have made significant investments in robbery and crime prevention and as a result have made our sites safer for our staff and customers,” said Z Energy Retail General Manager Mark Forsyth.

“Through our investment and ongoing efforts to buck the robbery trend, we have reduced this number from 34 per year to five in the last 12 months,” said Mark.

“That’s still five too many and we’re committed to zero, and we’re increasingly making our business safer for our customers and staff through discouraging crime.”

From 2005 to 2012, Z installed CCTV cameras, introduced a lock door policy at high-risk sites during certain hours and began installing fog cannon units that visually impair robbers when they attempt to rob the site – the result of these investments has been a substantial decrease in robberies.


Z has continued to step up its fight against crime over the past two years with a four pronged approach, including:

• Rolling out a nationwide $8 million high tech high definition digital cameras to make robbers highly visible and recognisable on site

• Trialling license plate recognition technology to combat petrol thieves

• Trialling invisible liquid DNA spray to deter would-be robbers

• Installing maximum security intelligent safes and keeping minimal amounts of cash on site at any time.

 In addition to reduced robberies, Z has seen a 75 per cent decrease in petrol drive offs at its high definition camera trial sites across Auckland in the last six months. The new high definition cameras have helped to prevent petrol drive offs, while keeping away would-be robbers with crystal clear, live footage of themselves on big screen TV.

“Thanks to our high definition footage, four of the five robberies resulted in the robbers being successfully caught, so we reckon robbing a Z service station is just plain stupid. And if you turn up to one of our sites in a stolen car, our camera system can now immediately alert the Police.

“We’ve achieved great results, however every robbery on site is one too many and we remain determined to achieve zero robberies on site in years to come and ultimately keep our staff and customers safe,” said Mark.