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01/02/2012 - General News

Now that most parts of New Zealand have started to see their local Shell sites change into Z, it’s time for fuel card customers to be sent a new Z card to replace their Shell Card.

All Shell Cards will be replaced with a Z Card over the next few months. The first cards were mailed on 1 February 2012, and it will take until June for all customers to receive their new look card. In the meantime, all Shell Cards will be accepted at all Z and Shell sites as usual.

If you are an existing Shell Card customer, here is some important information about your new Z Card:  

  • Your new Z Card simply replaces the old Shell Card in your wallet
  • Your new Z card will have the same PIN that was loaded to the old Shell Card, and you can start using it straight away
  • Your new Z Card will have the same card limits and product restrictions originally specified
  • Your old Shell Card will automatically expire at the earlier of:
    • the first use of your new Z Card, or
    • the end of the month after the new Z card was issued.

    So if your new Z card is issued in February, your old Shell Card will expire on the last day of March, or earlier if you start using your new Z Card.

  • Once you’ve received your new Z Card, please destroy your old Shell Card by cutting it in half, and dispose of it responsibly
  • Your new Z Card can be used at any Z or Shell service station or Truckstop (as can the old Shell Card until it expires as above)
  • Next time you login to our online self-service Z Card Online, you’ll also notice the look a has changed.

Want to be a Z Card customer and not already? Find out more here.