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Z Energy able to meet diesel demand

21/03/2013 - General News

Z Energy today said while diesel supplies in the South Island are very tight, the company was carrying sufficient stock to meet its customers’ demands.

Diesel supplies in the South Island are tight following an unplanned extension to an outage at Refining New Zealand, late crude oil deliveries and two companies importing cargos of finished diesel which did not meet the New Zealand specification.

Z Energy General Manager of Supply and Distribution, Rob Freeman, said while supply of diesel was tight across the South Island, Z had planned for a possible scenario like this and routinely holds higher stock levels to ensure it can consistently meet customer demand.

“As a result of deliberately holding higher stocks, and a strong contracted trucking network, Z is able to meet our customers’ demand and does not expect any disruption to supply,” he said.

“New Zealand has developed a very tight fuel supply infrastructure over the last 20 years and holding additional stock for times like this represents a major investment of capital,” he said.

Z and other companies have arranged urgent import cargos from around the Asia Pacific to boost stock positions and the first of these arrives in the South Island on Sunday to begin replenishing stocks.

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