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Z Energy looks to no longer promote forecourt concierge offer, focuses on broader customer experience

07/08/2020 - General News

Z Energy is looking to make changes to the national forecourt concierge service as we increase our focus on the broader customer experience offer, putting in place measures to ensure the sustainability of our business long-term in an increasingly competitive and low margin environment.

Research undertaken at the end of 2019 showed most motorists no longer value the traditional service approach at their fuel station and now prioritise other elements of their experience when choosing a fuel retailer, with a focus on price and speed. This has led us to no longer look at promoting the national forecourt concierge offer from 1 October 2020, while retaining in-store attendants.

Z is working closely with its retailers on what this change in approach looks like, including any potential job impacts, and retailers are currently in discussions with their staff around proposed changes at a site by site level. Where roles may be impacted, we understand that retailers will be looking to redeploy where possible however it is possible that there may be redundancies.

Z’s General Manager of Retail Andy Baird says, "First, I'd like to acknowledge how difficult times of change are. A friendly face on the forecourt was a key point of difference when Z introduced the national concierge offer to the New Zealand market eight years ago. However, it is clear times have changed and that most Kiwis prioritise different things when it comes to their fuel retailer.

"For some time, our focus has been on the end-to-end customer experience, including those moments before customers arrive at our service stations. The recent addition of Sharetank to Z App, along with Fastlane and pre-order coffee are a testament to this approach and align with what our customers are telling us: that they want to fill up at a competitive price, get on the road quickly and have a moment of reward or enjoyment, and that they’re increasingly using digital solutions to do so."

While our retailers are working through what this change means at each site, Z is very mindful that this change may impact those customers who rely on the concierge service. The company is currently working through what assistance can be provided for those that need it. More details of what that may look like will be shared in the coming months as they are finalised.


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