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Z Energy’s Christchurch operations

13/06/2011 - General News

Jonathan Hill

Z Energy – the New Zealand company that owns and operates the Shell-branded retail network – said that its fuel stock position in the Christchurch region and across the South Island is strong, and there is no need for concern around fuel supply.

There has been some damage to retail operations, but the vast majority of retail sites (19 out of 24) are still operating and more will become available when power is restored and initial inspections complete.

The integrity of the company’s bulk storage tanks at Lyttelton appears intact, with no leakage or visible damage. The terminal was temporarily closed this afternoon and detailed inspections will begin tomorrow.

 Fuel stock positions are strong at the moment in Christchurch, and Z also has bulk tankage at the Port of Timaru and Nelson that can be accessed to supply fuel to Christchurch when required.

 Consumers should not be concerned about fuel supply to the city.