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Z responds to oil market changes

09/03/2020 - General News

Z Energy has been closely monitoring the price of crude after yesterday morning’s news that OPEC and Russia were unable to reach an agreement on production in relation to the impact of Covid-19, which has caused a response in global oil markets that has not been witnessed since the first day of the Gulf War in 1991.

“Being unprecedented in the life of Z as a business, we responded in the immediate aftermath by saying we would act prudently, but sufficiently promptly, which we have done,” says Z CEO Mike Bennetts.

“Yesterday, we put our prices down by up to 6c per litre across 90 percent of our sites. This morning, we’ve responded by putting down prices a further 7 cents per litre across all fuel grades and all sites, including Caltex,” says Mike.   

Z will continue to monitor the situation and respond in a way that reflects all price inputs, including the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), rent and maintenance, shipping and local competition, which, due to the successful proliferation of various competitor models, has been the biggest factor in determining New Zealand’s pump prices for the past year. 

“While this circumstance is unique and we are treating it as such, in general terms the price of crude is not the primary determining factor for pump prices in New Zealand anymore. Gone are the days when Z went up and went down in direct correlation with commodity prices. There has been a fundamental shift due to the success of “no frills” competitors over the past year and the main factor in pump prices is now local competition”, says Mike.



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