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Z’s virtual fuel tank Sharetank wins big at 2020 Australasian CX awards

16/10/2020 - General News

Z Energy is focused on delivering world-class customer experience to Kiwi motorists and is delighted that its virtual fuel tank, Sharetank (patent pending) has won the ‘Best Use of Tech to Revolutionise Customer Experience’ at the Australasian CX Awards – “the ultimate accolade in CX to benchmark and recognise CX excellence and innovation in the region”.

Z’s Chief Innovation Officer, Scott K Bishop said that Sharetank, which is one of the fastest growing products in company history, was co-created with customers and is all about giving them confidence they are accessing transparent pricing that is right for them.

“We know some customers drive across town to save money, which certainly isn’t the best use of their time. When they pre-buy through Sharetank, we will automatically give them the lowest Z pump price within 30 kilometres so there is no need to travel to get it. They can buy when the price is right for them and redeem anywhere across Aotearoa. Sharetank really is a win-win for our customers.”

Sharetank customers can also share their virtual fuel with up to five other people. Z’s Chief Customer Officer Jane Anthony said that this sharing capability really came to the fore during New Zealand’s “lockdown”.

“Using Sharetank, Z was able to donate and distribute fuel amongst Student Volunteer Army members, who were working to ensure groceries and vital supplies reached those communities who were most in need. It showed the power of technology to scale up positive impact and we think that is a part of what makes Sharetank a revolutionary experience in the New Zealand fuel market.

“Sharetank was one of our first demonstrations of the impact of empowered, cross functional teams and I congratulate our team on their dedication and success, which has now been recognised internationally,” said Jane.

This is not the first win for Sharetank, which also recently won an Australasian Good Design Award. Z looks forward to continuing the demonstration of CX excellence through other Z App features, such as our market leading Pre-order coffee and smart fuel emissions calculator, Carbon Count.

Learn more about Sharetank.