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Good times at Goodtime

28/09/2015 - Sustainability news

Sometimes, when it comes to being a leader in the sustainability space, you need to take a step back in order to be able to charge forwards.

A few of our South Island-based retailers noticed that the pies being delivered to their sites were wrapped in boxes, which were then delivered in more boxes. The bad news is, that meant a lot of wastage. The good news is, that meant our retailers and site staff were noticing the wastage and were bothered enough by it that they thought to raise the issue with us!

We contacted our friends at Goodtime Pies, who make the delicious Z pies you see in our stores. Goodtimes’ Managing Director, Phil Pollett, reckoned having cartons inside cartons seemed a bit mad to him, too, and he decided to take action. They now deliver pies in recycled plastic crates, which are re-used every time.

“The change has resolved more than just the sustainability issue, as we realised the second carton was creating a second layer of cardboard which was insulating the product and making it harder to get it properly cold,” said Phil.

“It also prevented our drivers from double-checking the deliveries as they do elsewhere in the country. 

“Taking action definitely resulted in wins all round, and we were pleased to hear the feedback from Z – it’s nice to know we're on the right track.”

Anton Hutton, one of Z’s Christchurch retailers, loves the idea.

“This change saves about 600 boxes per week or 31,000 boxes per year for our 16 sites alone. What a huge resource saved for a small change!”

Well done, Phil and team – we reckon this is a fantastic change, and we look forward to more good times ahead!