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Inspiring grassroots sustainability

12/06/2015 - Sustainability news

At Z, sustainability is not only about setting ambitious targets, measuring and managing progress; it’s also about inspiring people to get into action on site.

Nigel Andrews, our Retailer in Nelson, is a great example of how a fantastic attitude and empowering leadership can make a real difference to our local environment.

Nigel Andrews runs Z sites in Nelson, Picton, Blenheim and Greymouth and won the Nelsonian of the Year Award for Business in January 2015. 

Nigel’s leadership has empowered and inspired his team to get after sustainability in their own activities. The cluster office has worked with magazine suppliers to reduce the number of deliveries; resulting in over 4,500 less unsold magazines ending up in the recycling bins over the past year.  With an additional concerted focus on waste since last June the team had reduced their general waste charges by a whopping 46% by February this year.

Nigel got in touch last year to see if there were some eco-driving tips he could share with drivers, in order to help them save fuel. We happily shared EECA’s fuel-saving tips brochures with him, which he’s handed out to passing drivers; doing the right thing by the environment, and saving our customers money.

Long-term, effective results aren’t possible without a team effort and Nigel is excellent at getting his staff motivated and supporting them to make a difference.

One great example is Charline Hickesey at Z Grove Road, who has gone out of her way to work with site teams and local community groups to find ways that waste from sites can be re-used or recycled.

“It just makes sense,” says Nigel. “You can help save the environment, save money, and get a better handle on where the inefficiencies are in your business by acting sustainably.”

So, what’s Nigel’s secret to achieving great sustainable outcomes?

“Consistently educating and inspiring your teams, getting them motivated and then providing them with the tools and support to get after great results,” says Nigel.

We reckon that sounds like an awesome recipe for success.