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Keep New Zealand Beautiful

14/09/2015 - Sustainability news

At Z, we reckon it’s important to keep New Zealand beautiful, and we’re working hard to reduce our waste as much as possible.

In our quest to reduce our waste and keep New Zealand beautiful, we’ve installed forecourt recycling bins at more than half of our retail sites across the country. Many of our customers are keen gardeners and like to keep their own piece of New Zealand beautiful too. So to help them, we give away the used coffee grounds from our food and coffee sites to anyone who wants them.

We recycle cardboard, paper, plastic and glass at our sites, and in some places without a collection service available, our Z staff have got right behind our efforts and take the recycling to the depots themselves! We reckon we may well be the largest privately-funded public place recycler in New Zealand.

In the process of operating our more than 210 retail sites across the country, we’ve worked out that each week we recycle around 7 tonnes of cardboard and paper and 2 tonnes of plastic and glass, and around 1 tonne of food waste goes to commercial compost or local pig farmers.

We’ve also worked out that we send about 4 tonnes of waste to landfill each week, which is a 62% reduction from around 10 tonnes per week in 2012.

Our key secret to this success are our Waste Warriors on sites, who compete annually to send the biggest proportion of their sites’ waste to recycling. The winner this year, Ashleigh at Z Rangiora, led her winning team to recycle a whopping 87% of everything that came off her site! Here at Z, we reckon we’re making good progress on our sustainability journey, and while we’ve still got a way to go, we’re committed to being at the heart of the solution, which means we’re always looking for ways to do things even better and reduce the impact that our operations have.

If Z is for New Zealand, Z is also for Keeping New Zealand Beautiful.