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Taking action on takeaway cups

05/08/2016 - Sustainability news

The challenge of how to responsibly dispose of single-use coffee cups is something Z has grappled with for a long time, so we’re very pleased to be on the brink of rolling out compostable cups.

We sell over 4.5 million Z Espress takeaway coffees a year, and we knew those cups were all destined for the country’s landfills unless we did something about it.

We encourage our customers to bring a re-usable cup when they can, and we’ve settled on a compostable solution for takeaways, because there’s no nation-wide cup recycling available.

It’s taken quite a bit of trial and error, and we’ve acquired certification from AIB-Vincotte International to ensure we’ve done it right.

The compostable cups will be available at participating Z Espress stations by September and, importantly, we will be collecting them back to ensure both the cups and lids can be effectively composted.

We will have cup collection points at many of our Z Espress stations, but at this stage these will be limited to regions where commercial composting is available. We’ll aim to continue rolling these out as more regions start having commercial composting facilities.

Fundamentally, there’s still a challenge for New Zealanders to recycle waste in a meaningful way. Very many materials simply can’t be recycled here, and many of those that can are sent offshore to be processed, which creates additional emissions impacts.

We believe there’s a real responsibility on businesses and councils, as much as on consumers, to not only find solutions, but to help Kiwis understand what’s recyclable – and why it matters. Our collection bins will be prominently placed at our stores and clearly labelled to make it easy for our customers to ‘do the right thing’.

We hope Kiwis will welcome having a choice to buy their coffee in a genuinely compostable cup.

You can find out more about where we stand on Sustainability here.

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