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Z launches Sustainability Code of Conduct for suppliers

06/10/2015 - Sustainability news

Z’s purpose is to solve what matters for a moving world. At Z, we reckon sustainability matters and we’re committed to acting in a way that benefits the future of the communities we operate in and the planet that carries us all, while at the same time sustaining a long term future for our business.

We want to engage with suppliers who share these commitments. The objective of Z’s Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC) is to set clear expectations of all our suppliers regarding sustainability, providing a framework for meaningful and collaborative partnerships that ultimately work to increase efficiency and reduce our operational environmental impact together.

You can read our SCOC by visiting the Sustainability Code of Conduct for Suppliers page on our website. You can also watch Gerri, Z's Sustainability Manager, explain how the Code of Conduct will work with this video.