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14/12/2016 - General News

Gisborne Power Cut Update


Power is now restored to all Gisborne Z sites, including the Truckstop and Airstops.



The Z service station on Gladstone Road and the Z Truckstop on the corner of Parkinson and Solander Streets are open to the public and running on generators.

The two Z Airstops in the region will remain closed until power companies restore power to the region.



Gisborne's Z service station and truck stops are closed due to the power cut across the region today after a plane hit a high voltage power line.

Firstly our thoughts are with the families and friends of the two people who died when this happened.

A generator is being sent to the Z Gisborne service station on Gladstone Road and we expect to restore power to the site by about 2200 tonight.

The Z Truckstop on the corner of Parkinson and Solander Streets is expected to be re-open around the same time, once a generator arrives and is set up.

The two Z Airstops in the region will remain closed until power companies are able to restore power to the region, which they are currently saying could happen on Tuesday afternoon. 






13/12/2016 - General News

Z’s hives help employment, bees and local kids

The effort to save the humble honey bee is getting a boost in Wellington, with 35 new beehives being delivered around the region this month – ten of which have been funded by Z Energy.

Operated by Lower Hutt community-based urban farm project Common Unity and its Beeple Honey Collective, the hives are rented out to businesses and individuals, creating employment, supporting the lives of urban bees, and feeding hungry kids in the community in the process. 

With the help of Common Unity, the ten purpose-built beehives funded by Z have been housed at Taita College, Central Wellington community garden Innermost, and on land in Stokes Valley for two local primary schools to access.

Z’s Community Champion, Haley Small, said supporting the hives is part of Z’s commitment to community and sustainability.

“Our communities are important to us, our people live and work there, our customers live and work there and we’re always looking for ways to make a real difference.

“Common Unity’s work to grow food, skills and leadership in the local community really fits with our values, both in terms of how we support our local communities and the environment,” Haley said.

“We reckon the Beeple Honey Collective is pretty amazing because not only is it creating employment and providing a valuable food source to local families, it’s also supporting our at-risk urban bees, which are central to our food supply, and our planet.”

The task of managing and maintaining the hives belongs to four Lower Hutt fathers who have trained to become beekeepers, or Bee Daddies as they’ve fondly been named.

Each hive will produce at least 10kg of honey each year, which will both feed local children and families through in-school breakfast programmes and be given to community groups connected to Z’s hives.

Common Unity’s founder, Julia Milne, said Z’s support for the Beeple Honey Collective project had helped extend the reach of the work Common Unity does in the community. 

“Our mission with the hives is to strengthen communities by the action of preserving our bees.

“Without the support of companies like Z, and the many other organisations who generously get behind us, we simply wouldn’t be able to achieve the things we do – both in our local community and beyond,” Julia said.   

For more information on Common Unity and the Beeple Honey Collective project, including information on how you can help support and spread the initiative, please visit http://www.commonunityproject.org.nz/beeple-honey-collective/


For further information, please contact Z Communications Advisor, Georgina Ball, on 04 498 0132 or 021 191 1433.


12/12/2016 - General News

Defibrillators now in hundreds of Kiwi communities, thanks to Z

More than 200 Kiwi communities now have free access to defibrillators following the completion of Z Energy’s initiative to install the devices at each of its service stations across the country.

The fully portable machines, purchased by Z earlier in the year as part of the company’s partnership with St John, were installed at each of Z’s retail sites in November and are now available for any member of the community to use.

Z’s Community Manager, Christine Langdon, said completing the roll-out was an important milestone in ensuring communities had easy access to the life-saving technology.

“Now that this work is complete and the devices are available at all of our service stations, we just want to make sure people know exactly where to go in an emergency to get access to a defibrillator,” Christine said.

Kiwis can easy locate their nearest defibrillator using the AED Locations website, http://aedlocations.co.nz/. The nearest Z service station, including opening hours, can be located using the Z website, http://z.co.nz/.


Media contact: Georgina Ball – 04 498 0132 or 021 191 1433


25/11/2016 - General News

Earthquake Update - 25 November

Our Z service stations are open & trading as usual after the earthquakes, the Z Truck Stop at Kaikoura is now open.

Our thoughts are with the people in Kaikoura and those working on the relief efforts. 

The organisations managing the emergency response have recommended that cash donations are best to help the recovery efforts in Kaikoura - that way the people on the ground can buy exactly what our community in Kaikoura need most.  

NZ Red Cross have launched a special appeal for the Kaikoura quakes and you can donate online.

07/11/2016 - General News

Z brings more than 200 defibrillators to Kiwi Communities


More neighbourhoods across the country now have free access to defibrillators in their back yards, with Z Energy installing them at all its more than 200 retail sites.

Z, in partnership with St John, is rolling out the life-saving devices this week. They’ll be available to anyone in the community to use, whenever the Z site is open. At about 70 percent of sites they’ll be available 24/7 and can be taken off-site if needed.

Z Community Manager, Christine Langdon, said defibrillators could save the life of someone in cardiac arrest and there was a big need for communities to have easy access to one, whenever they needed it.

“Our communities are important to us, our people live and work there, our customers live and work there and we wanted to do something that would make a real difference.

"Now people will know exactly where to go in an emergency to get access to a defibrillator, no matter what time of the day or night it is,” Christine said.

Z’s network of sites up and down the country makes it perfectly placed to deliver more defibrillators into communities, especially after business hours.

“Auckland alone will now have 65 more defibrillators for the public to access. But this move is especially critical to smaller communities, like the West Coast of the South Island, which have been crying out for defibrillators,” Christine said.

The defibrillators talk users through the process, making them accessible to all.

St John Medical Director, Dr Tony Smith, says tor every minute without CPR or defibrillation, a patient’s chance of survival falls by 10-15 percent. AEDs shock the heart back into rhythm and are essential in the chain of survival for somebody suffering cardiac arrest.

“New Zealand’s low rate of public access to defibrillators remains an issue so AEDs at Z stations in New Zealand communities is an excellent step forward,” said Tony. 

Kiwis can find their nearest defibrillator and opening hours on the AED locator website and the nearest Z and its opening hours on the company’s website. The defibrillators will be on all sites by 9 November.

For further information please contact Z Communications Advisor, Georgina Ball:

+64 498 0132, +64 21 191 1433


  • Applying CPR and rapid defibrillation can increase a patient’s chances of survival by up to 40 percent
  • 38 people are treated for cardiac arrest by St John each week in New Zealand
  • While 64 percent of patients had bystander CPR performed, only 4 percent of patients were defibrillated using a public access defibrillator
  • AEDs shock the heart back into rhythm and are essential in the chain of survival for somebody suffering cardiac arrest


Source: St John, Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) report December 2015and St John medics


  • There are 1-2 cardiac arrests on Z sites each year, or people driving on site while having a cardiac arrest to get help
  • About 60 million people come across Z sites each year
  • In the past 10 years 2-3 customers have died on Z sites while in cardiac arrest


Source: Z Energy


St John paramedic and Z site staff member with defibrillator at Z Highbrook



03/10/2016 - General News

Divestment FAQs

In June 2016, Z acquired Chevron New Zealand’s transport fuels and lubricants businesses and its supply of fuel to Caltex branded stations. Z obtained clearance from the Commerce Commission to acquire Chevron New Zealand subject to an undertaking to divest 19 service stations and one truck stop in specified geographical areas. These sites will move across to another brand and continue to supply fuel to their local community.

We appreciate that this activity may raise questions for some people, and we have tried to cover these off below. We will continue to update this page as we progress through the process.


Confirmed divestment stations


Station to be divested When will it close? New Local Z?
Z Darfield Friday 26th Aug - 8pm

Z Hornby

Z Templeton

Z Milton Sunday 30 Oct - 1pm

Z Balclutha

Z Balclutha Truck Stop

Z Kaiapoi Sunday 6 Nov - 12pm

Z Belfast

Z Twizel Sunday 13 Nov - 12pm

No near alternative

Z Paihia Sunday 13 Nov - 10am Z Kaikohe
Z Yaldhurst Sunday 13 Nov - 12pm

Z Hornby

Z Templeton

Z Epsom Sunday 20 Nov - 4pm

Z Greenlane

Z Rangioria Sunday 20 Nov - 12pm

Z Waikuku

Z Sawyers Arms Truck Stop

Z Te Aroha Sunday 27 Nov - 7 30pm

Z Morrinsville

Z Riccarton Sunday 27 Nov - 12pm

Z Moorhouse

Z Carlton Corner

Z Opotiki Sunday 4 Dec - 12pm No near alternative
Z Kawerau Truck Stop Sunday 4 Dec - 5pm

Z Awakeri Truck Stop


Frequently asked questions


Why are sites being divested?

In June 2016, Z acquired Chevron New Zealand’s (which marketed the Caltex brand) transport fuels and lubricants businesses and its supply of fuel to its stations. As part of this acquisition, Z obtained clearance from the Commerce Commission subject to an undertaking to divest 19 service stations and one truck stop in specified geographical areas.

How were the 19 regions chosen?

The 19 regions were selected by the Commerce Commission, and are areas across the country where the Commission believes competition could be lessened as a result of Z’s purchase of the Caltex network. For the most part, this is in areas where, without divestment, the only available options for customers would be either a Z or a Caltex supplied service station.

When will the sites close?

Don’t worry – no site will actually be closing permanently. You can view all currently confirmed divestment stations and their closure information here. While we’ll be sad to go, the great news is that a service station operating under a different brand will open its place. There will be a little downtime between us closing and the new site opening, but we don’t expect that to be any longer than 7 working days. You can find 

Why will they be shut for so long?

We appreciate that it may be a little frustrating having this station closed – rest assured, we’ll be working together with the new retailers to have it up and running again no more than 7 working days after it closes. This time will allow our contractors to complete the de-branding work safely and to make sure the site is spick and span and ready for the new team to take over.

Will the site be shut during the change?

Will it be business as usual (eg. fully operational) until it closes?
We’re committed to completing this divestment process with as little disruption to our customers as possible. Our aim is to continue to operate as normal, providing our top quality fuels, products, services and loyalty offers right up until the site closes.

How are you deciding whether to divest the Z or the Caltex in each of the 19 locations?

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when selecting which site in each geographic location to change across to a new brand – these include things like site age and locations, fuel volumes, and the potential impact on customers, retailers /dealers, and site staff. This was not an easy decision, and one very much subject to negotiations with prospective purchasers.

Will there still be a petrol station in that location or will it become something else?

For each location the divested site will become a different brand of service station, which will open shortly after the Z brand is removed. Together with the new retailers, our focus is on ensuring the site is up and running again within 7 working days, though it may take a little longer to get the shop and the overall site looking and feeling just how the new brand wants it to.

I visited a Z site on your divestment station list today and no one told me that it is closing. Why are you trying to hide it?

At Z, one of our values is being straight up, and we’re definitely committed to being up front with our customers and other stakeholders. We’ve got signage and information brochures on display at each of the sites we’re divesting, and we’ve also created this page of FAQs. If there’s anything additional you’d like to know, feel free to get in touch with a member of the team on feedback@z.co.nz
What’s happening to my favourite Z team? One of our top priorities throughout this process is on ensuring there’s as little disruption to people as possible, and that includes our awesome Z station teams. Given our Retailers work in clusters, almost all of our site staff have been able to secure positions at other Z stations nearby.

Are you going to open another Z station nearby?

We haven’t made any decisions yet regarding new Z service stations in the future. Our focus is very much on ensuring we complete this divestment process safely, and with as little disruption to our customers, and to our site teams, as possible.

I have a Z gift card. Where can I redeem it now?

Not to worry! You’ll be pleased to know that all Z gift cards can still be redeemed at any other participating Z service station across the country. Check the table above to find out where your new local Z is.

What happens to the local GITH groups?

At Z, we stand for making a positive difference where we live and operate in New Zealand. We remain committed to our local communities and, for next year’s Good in the Hood, groups will be more than welcome to apply at their nearest Z service station. For some of our more rural communities, we’re aware that we’ll be leaving the local area and that means some of the valued relationships we’ve worked really hard to establish will be coming to an end. We’ve been in contact with all of our Good in the Hood groups to let them know what’s happening, and we’re committed to keeping them updated going forward, too.


You can view all currently confirmed divestment stations here.



21/09/2016 - General News

Z Energy helps dreams of study come true


Z Energy has made the dream of studying a reality for seven inspiring New Zealanders who have been awarded the company’s annual scholarships.

Z is committed to making a difference in New Zealand communities, so this year it’s extended its scholarship programme, awarding four kinds of scholarships to retail staff and their families.

The successful scholarship recipients have just been revealed and are now on their way to gaining a qualification, with a helping hand from Z, which is covering course fees and providing ongoing learning support including mentoring.

Z Community Champion, Haley Small, said the scholarships are supporting the aspirations of some of Z’s most capable retail site staff.

“We know that there are many skilled people in New Zealand communities who, for whatever reason, haven’t been able to achieve their dream of studying.

“Congratulations to each of the very deserving recipients, who shone for their passion and aspiration. We look forward to seeing them achieve their full potential,” Haley said.

Haley said even the opportunity to apply for the scholarships has inspired other site staff and their families to think about how they can achieve their dreams too.

“One applicant told me the opportunity has motivated her to re-consider her career pathway and what she wants from life, regardless of being successful or not, and that’s exactly the kind of aspirational thinking Z wants to inspire,” Haley said.

Haley said the scholars come from all walks of life, reflecting the diversity among Z retail staff working in our communities.

“The recipients range from a Timaru-based former military man, who reminds us you can change career at any age, to a Year-13 Levin student, who will be first in her family to go to university, just to name a couple of the inspiring stories,” Haley said.

The scholarship options were chosen to reflect Z’s commitment to aspirations, health and safety excellence and great service. They’re just one way that Z is for New Zealand.




For further information please contact Z Communications Advisor,
Georgina Ball: 04 498 0132, 021 191 1433



The Scholarships Awarded are:


  • Bachelor of Applied Management Scholarship x 4 (Find more info on this scholarship here)
  • Health and Safety Pathway Scholarship x1
  • Massey Retail Degree Scholarship x1 (Find more info on this scholarship here)
  • First Foundation Scholarship x1 (Find more info on this scholarship here)



Bachelor of Applied Management scholarship

Awarded to four site staff:


Serena Johnston, Site Leader, Z Palm Beach Papamoa

Serena has worked for Z for more than 13 years and loves her job, but hopes gaining a qualification will be a turning point that takes her leadership skills and career to the next level.

She has already shown her leadership abilities, as a trainer in the “It’s Not OK” anti-domestic violence campaign and by leading other site staff at Z. Serena says doing a leadership course with Z last year motivated her to apply for the scholarship.

 “Since I did my leadership course I have learned to reach outside my limits, the impossible out there and celebrate success,” Serena said.

Serena loves doing anything outdoors and when not at work can be found camping, fishing or hanging out at the beach with her two young sons.


Thomas Ware, Site Leader, Z Washdyke, Timaru

Timaru appears to be the home to outstanding leaders, boasting a Z scholarship recipient two years in a row. Thomas Ware is this year’s Timaru-based winner.

Thomas says he applied for the scholarship to inspire his children, who he wants to follow in his footsteps and go to university. “I want my children to aim for their dreams,” he said.

Thomas has worked at Z for almost six years following a military career. He aims to make Z Washdyke the best Z site for customer service in New Zealand.


Amber Ledingham, Site Leader, Z Hornby, Canterbury

Amber has a dream of one day owning her own interior design business, and in the meantime is carving out a career at Z.

Stepping up to take on new challenges is nothing new to Amber, who recently became a training facilitator at Z while also busy completing her Diploma in Design.

“I like to have new learning opportunities and it’s important to me to learn and expand my knowledge,” Amber said.

Amber also has aspirations of getting financially stable so she can travel the world and eventually buy or build her own home.


Abbin Peter, Site Leader, Carlton Corner Christchurch

Abbin Peter moved to New Zealand five years ago and now has aspirations of becoming an Operations Manager at Z.

During four years at Z Shirley and Z Carlton Corner, Abbin Peter has shown leadership promise by lifting the performance of the team.

His experience moving to a new country makes him well placed to help other immigrants settle in to life here.

 “I found it really hard in the initial days to adjust to the new conditions of being independent, but I never gave up and worked hard against all odds.

“The result is I am now a site leader at Z with team mates from different cultures and I am constantly helping them with understanding their goals and aspirations,” Abbin Peter said.

He hopes the scholarship will help on his career path and towards achieving his goal of owning a home in New Zealand.



First Foundation Scholarship  

Awarded to Emma Beale, Z Levin and Horowhenua College, Levin

Emma Beale will be the first person in her family to attend university. Emma is currently finishing high school in Levin but has aspirations that would see her travel the World.

As a Year 12 and 13 student Emma has been actively involved in the local community, being a buddy for new Japanese students, talking part in the Heart Foundation collection appeal and being a member of rock climbing and hockey teams.

She’s done all this while holding down a part-time job at Z Levin working Saturdays and Sundays, and gaining excellence endorsement in her studies.

The scholarship will provide Emma with a mentor to help her each step of the way and enable her to focus on her studies by removing some of the financial worry.



Bachelor of Massey Retail Degree Scholarship

Awarded to Marina Nun Yan Tuileva, Z Point Chevalier, Auckland

Receiving a Z scholarship will enable Samoan-born mother of two, Marina Tuileva, to achieve her dream of gaining a tertiary qualification.

Marina has wanted to study management for some time but says until now, while raising a young family, it has not been possible because of the financial burden it would have put on her.

But receiving the first Massey Retail and Business Degree Scholarship from Z is paving the way for Marina to achieve her goals.

“My dream finally came true and I won’t give up on it,” she said.

Marina says her goal is to be a retail manager and a good leader. She also wants to provide a better future for her children and be a role model to them.

Outside of work Marina devotes her time to looking after her family, helping her children with homework, starring on the netball court and church activities.



Health and Safety Pathway Scholarship

Awarded to Matau Stewart, Jefkar cluster, Christchurch

Matau Stewart says he aspires to a career in health and safety because it makes sure staff go home safely every day. 

During his 16 years working at Z, Matau says he has seen first-hand just how important health and safety is.

“I am still buzzing that I have been granted the opportunity to have such a scholarship.

“I live and breathe Health and Safety and it’s through that I want to gain more knowledge and ultimately have some form of qualification to back my passion,” Matau said.

Matau hopes the qualification will help him get his foot through the door in a leadership role in the health and safety field and eventually be a business owner.

01/09/2016 - General News

Z customers continue to have choice to earn Airpoints or Fly Buys

Customers fuelling up at Z continue to have the choice of two of the country’s most popular loyalty programmes, Air New Zealand Airpoints and Fly Buys.

Air New Zealand and Loyalty New Zealand today announced the airline and Fly Buys would be parting ways with Airpoints no longer being earned through Fly Buys from October 17.

Z’s General Manager of Marketing, Jane Anthony, said customers will be able to choose whether they’d like to collect Fly Buys points or Airpoints Dollars, by swiping the appropriate card.

“Providing choice for customers is at the heart of our loyalty offer and I reckon that by continuing to offer both Airpoints Dollars through Airpoints cards and Fly Buys rewards customers have the best of both worlds when they head to Z,” she said.

Business customers will also still be able to choose to earn Fly Buys or Airpoints Dollars when they use their Z Card.

“We look forward to customers choosing the rewards scheme that best suits their lifestyle and tastes when they visit Z,” Jane said.

For further information please contact Jonathan Hill: 04 498 0212, 021440090

22/08/2016 - General News

Z fuels expedition to protect a very special part of New Zealand’s history

Z is proud to be fuelling an epic voyage to protect a very special part of New Zealand’s history.

The Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Expedition South will drive three tractors from Piha to Mt Cook – the distance Sir Ed drove from Scott Base to the South Pole nearly 60 years ago during his famed ‘Dash to the Pole’.

Two of these tractors are the same Ferguson TE-20 model tractors that Sir Ed and his team had, the other a new Massey Ferguson MF5600 called “Antarctica 2”.

The trip is raising funds to conserve Sir Edmund Hillary’s original hut in Scott Base (Hut A), which his team built before their trip to the South Pole. It also aims to help re-connect Kiwis with the story of Hillary, Antarctica and the spirit of exploration.

Z Energy is helping to fuel the expedition by providing the diesel for Antarctica 2’s 2,012 km journey as well as contributing funds to support the preservation of Hut A.

Z’s Sustainability Manager, Emily Watt, said that when the Kiwi company heard of the planned trip, it had leapt at the chance to be involved.

“Antarctica is a very special place worth preserving, and for Kiwis, Sir Ed’s original hut at Scott Base is particularly important.

Executive Director or the Antarctic Heritage Trust, Nigel Watson, said that the Trust were excited to have Z come on board to fuel the journey.

“We’re very happy to have Z fuelling this journey and helping to raise awareness of this precious part of New Zealand’s Antarctic heritage.

“Z is a New Zealand company with a compelling story that shows how successful Kiwis can be in business dominated by global giants. They stand out – just like Sir Ed did.

“We’re delighted to have them on-board,” said Nigel.  

Emily said that the project was particularly important to Z because Antarctica is so vulnerable to climate change.

“It’s somewhat of a barometer for the health of the rest of the planet, so it’s especially important that New Zealand is able to continue our research work at Scott Base,” said Emily.

Emily said Z was committed to helping New Zealand play its part in mitigating the effects of climate change, through both running Z’s business as sustainably as it can, as well as providing Kiwis with ways to reduce their own emissions.

“In just a few months, the Massey Ferguson tractor, as well as trucks, cars and other diesel vehicles throughout the upper North Island will have the option of reducing their carbon footprint by fuelling up with Z’s new lower carbon diesel – Z Bio D – a locally manufactured, sustainable biodiesel blend made from local, sustainable feedstock.

“Our development of Z Bio D and our support of this epic voyage are all part of Z’s commitment to helping ensure places like Hut A and Scott Base in Antarctica are around for future generations to appreciate.

“If you see these tractors filling up at Z, we’d encourage you to consider giving a fiver (yes the one with Sir Ed on it!) or any other amount you’re comfortable with to save a slice of our history,” said Emily.  

More information on Expedition South can be found here: www.expeditionsouth.nz



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