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12/08/2016 - General News

Z Darfield Closing - 26th August

On 2 June 2015 we announced our intention to purchase the Chevron New Zealand business which markets the Caltex brand of service stations.

On 29 April 2016, the Commerce Commission approved the deal, with Z agreeing to divest 19 retail service stations in areas around the country where there were concerns regarding a potential lessening of competition. In each of the 19 areas, Z needs to make a choice as to which of mixture of brands supplied by the wider Z Energy business will be divested, and our aim is to complete these by the end of year. These sites will move across to another brand and continue to supply fuel to their local community.

This process is not an easy one and we continue to work closely with all those involved and potentially impacted through this process. We appreciate that this activity may raise questions for people, and we have tried to cover these off below. We will continue to update this page as we progress through the process.


Z Darfield divestment frequently asked questions

Why is Z Darfield closing?

In June 2016, as part of its acquisition of Chevron New Zealand, Z undertook to divest 19 retail service stations in order to satisfy the Commerce Commission’s concerns about a potential lessening of competition in some geographic areas.

Z Darfield is being divested as part of that undertaking but don’t worry, the site won’t actually be closing permanently – a service station operating under a different brand will be coming in its place. There is some work that needs to be done at the Z Darfield site first, including the replacement of the tanks which are nearly at the end of their safe working life.

We expect the new service station to be up and running in a couple of months.

When will it close?

Don’t worry – Z Darfield isn’t closing permanently! From 8 pm on the 26 August, the site will no longer be operating under the Z brand and, while we’ll be sad to go, the great news is that a service station operating under a different brand will be coming in its place. There will be some downtime between us closing and the new site opening though – and we expect that to be a couple of months.

Why will it be shut for so long?

We appreciate that it may be a little frustrating having this service station closed for such a long time – rest assured, our focus is on working together with the new retailers to make sure the site is fully safe, operational and pumping fuel as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the nearest Z stations are Z Yaldhurst, Main West Coast Road, Christchurch, Z Hornby, cnr Carmen Road and Waterloo Road, Hornby, Christchurch and and Z Templeton, 720 Main South Road, Templeton, Christchurch.

Will it be business as usual (e.g. fully operational) until August 26th?  

We’re committed to completing the process at Z Darfield with as little disruption to our customers as possible. That means our aim is to continue to operate as normal, providing our top quality fuels, products, services and loyalty offers right up until 26 August.

There will be a little downtime between us closing and the new site opening, though, and we expect that to be a couple of months – this time will allow contractors to complete the re-tanking work required and the de-branding work safely to make sure the site is spick and span and ready for the new team to take over.

Are you going to open another Z station nearby?

We haven’t made any decisions yet regarding new Z service stations in the area in the future. Our focus is very much on ensuring we complete this process safely, and with as little disruption to our Z Darfield customers, and site team, as possible.

Where can I go for Z fuel now?

The nearest Z stations are Z Yaldhurst, Main West Coast Road, Christchurch, Z Hornby, cnr Carmen Road and Waterloo Road, Hornby, Christchurch and Z Templeton, 720 Main South Road, Templeton, Christchurch.

Where can I go to purchase fuel with my Z Card now?

You’re still able to purchase fuel using your Z Card by visiting any Z service station. The nearest Z stations are Z YaldhurstZ Hornby and Z Templeton.

What’s happening to my favourite team at Z Darfield?

One of our top priorities throughout this process is on ensuring there’s as little disruption to people as possible, and that includes our awesome Z station teams. Fortunately, given our Retailers work in clusters, the awesome team of site staff at Z Darfield have all been able to secure new roles at Z Yaldhurst, and the team at Z Yaldhurst look forward to seeing you soon.

I have a Z gift card. Where can I redeem it now?

Not to worry! You’ll be pleased to know that all Z gift cards can still be redeemed at any other participating Z service station across the country. The nearest Z stations are Z YaldhurstZ Hornby and Z Templeton

What happens to the local GITH groups?

At Z, we stand for making a positive difference where we live and operate in New Zealand. We remain committed to our local communities and, for next year’s Good in the Hood, groups who had previously applied for support from Z Darfield will be more than welcome to apply at their nearest Z service stations, including Z YaldhurstZ Hornby and Z Templeton.




09/08/2016 - Sustainability news

Remembering Rudolf Diesel: inventor of the diesel engine; biofuels enthusiast

The first diesel engine was created to run on peanut oil, invented by Rudolf Diesel - a man who was worried about the dangers of air pollution and wanted to increase fuel efficiency and shake up the energy industry.

Diesel knew that low oil prices at the time meant biofuels were unlikely to take off in his lifetime, but hoped that within the century they might change the way people used energy.

His engine would prove to be so revolutionary that when he disappeared at sea, some people suspected he’d been assassinated by the Nazis trying to keep his technology secret from the British. Others claimed he was murdered by French spies trying to keep the secret from the Germans.

As a young engineer, Diesel became fascinated by the idea of building a more fuel efficient engine than the internal combustion engines of the time. An early attempt with an ammonia-powered steam engine had exploded during tests, nearly killing him and leaving him with on-going health and eyesight problems.

But he stuck with it and created his pressure-ignited heat engine, adapting the internal combustion engine by using pressure so a spark is no longer needed to ignite the fuel-air mixture. His first diesel engine was fired up on 10 August 1893, fuelled by peanut oil.

Diesel knew renewable fuels would struggle in the petroleum-dominated market, and the engine was modified to run on mineral oil. As the engine grew in popularity, oil companies started making a fuel called ‘diesel’ to run the engine he designed and Diesel’s remarkable engine has been mostly powered on this until the present day. Diesel accepted that reality, but said: "The use of vegetable oils for engine fuel may seem insignificant today. But such oils may become in course of time as important as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present time."

On 29 September 1913, Diesel disappeared while crossing the English Channel. His coat and hat were folded neatly on deck, a cross marked in his diary for the day of his death. His decomposed body was found in the North Sea 10 days later. Although many of his biographers believe it was suicide, conspiracy theories remain that his engine had led to his murder.

But 100 years on, Rudolf Diesel’s dreams for his engine may at last be coming true. With a growing awareness of the harmful effects of fossil fuels on our planet, there’s a strong desire to develop more sustainable fuels to power our existing fleets. With biodiesel, we’re simply delivering Diesel’s solution 126 years later.

10 August is International Biofuels Day, in remembrance of the day Rudolf Diesel fired up his first diesel engine and changed the world.

Find out more about Z’s solution at www.z.co.nz/biod

05/08/2016 - Sustainability news

Taking action on takeaway cups

The challenge of how to responsibly dispose of single-use coffee cups is something Z has grappled with for a long time, so we’re very pleased to be on the brink of rolling out compostable cups.

We sell over 4.5 million Z Espress takeaway coffees a year, and we knew those cups were all destined for the country’s landfills unless we did something about it.

We encourage our customers to bring a re-usable cup when they can, and we’ve settled on a compostable solution for takeaways, because there’s no nation-wide cup recycling available.

It’s taken quite a bit of trial and error, and we’ve acquired certification from AIB-Vincotte International to ensure we’ve done it right.

The compostable cups will be available at participating Z Espress stations by September and, importantly, we will be collecting them back to ensure both the cups and lids can be effectively composted.

We will have cup collection points at many of our Z Espress stations, but at this stage these will be limited to regions where commercial composting is available. We’ll aim to continue rolling these out as more regions start having commercial composting facilities.

Fundamentally, there’s still a challenge for New Zealanders to recycle waste in a meaningful way. Very many materials simply can’t be recycled here, and many of those that can are sent offshore to be processed, which creates additional emissions impacts.

We believe there’s a real responsibility on businesses and councils, as much as on consumers, to not only find solutions, but to help Kiwis understand what’s recyclable – and why it matters. Our collection bins will be prominently placed at our stores and clearly labelled to make it easy for our customers to ‘do the right thing’.

We hope Kiwis will welcome having a choice to buy their coffee in a genuinely compostable cup.

You can find out more about where we stand on Sustainability here.

Questions or comments? Contact 
Emily Watt
Sustainability Manager

02/08/2016 - General News

Production imminent at NZ’s first commercial scale biodiesel plant

New Zealand’s first commercial-scale biodiesel plant today received its first delivery of inedible tallow, which enables the beginning of biodiesel production.

Z Energy’s $26 million biodiesel plant at Wiri, Auckland, is now in the commissioning phase and will start to produce high quality, sustainable biodiesel later this month. At the plant’s peak of production it will produce 20 million litres of biodiesel, which will be supplied as a biodiesel / mineral diesel blend to both commercial and retail customers across much of the upper half of the North Island.

Z’s General Manager of Supply and Distribution, David Binnie, said the delivery of tallow was a milestone which has been years in the making.

“We’re now ready to start producing a more sustainable transport fuel for customers that want to do their bit for a lower carbon future when they fill up.

“As an existing by-product of the meat industry, tallow is the perfect feedstock for bringing biodiesel to New Zealand. It doesn’t compete with food production and would otherwise be exported as a low value commodity in the production of soap and candles and some overseas biofuel production.

“The tallow and the design of the plant enables the production of a very pure, high quality biodiesel which is safe to use in your engine and meets all of New Zealand’s fuel specifications.”

David said the plant will use about 12 per cent of New Zealand’s production of inedible tallow, meaning there was plenty of scope to build further biodiesel plants if customers continued to demand it.

“We’ve been delighted by the leadership and strong backing from foundation commercial customers like Fonterra, Fulton Hogan, NZ Post, Downers and TIL who have provided the support to enable us to build this plant with confidence.

“The production of 20 million litres of sustainable biodiesel provides an opportunity for other businesses to take similar leadership in taking small steps to lower their own carbon footprint.

“Given the rural origin of the feedstock, there is an opportunity for the rural sector to close the cycle by also choosing to use our biodiesel,” said David.


01/08/2016 - General News

Z customers get fuel discounts as Fly Buys Pumped goes live

Z Energy customers will get instant fuel discounts and bonus Fly Buys points for all of August to celebrate the arrival of Z’s new loyalty programme ‘Fly Buys Pumped’.

Fly Buys Pumped is available at Z sites nationwide from today. Anyone with a Fly Buys card can access the special launch deal of 6 cents off per litre plus triple Fly buys points.

Following the August launch deal Fly Buys Pumped will give customers instant fuel discounts on selected days, as well as Fly Buys points.

Z’s General Manager of Marketing, Jane Anthony, said customers now have access to the most attractive loyalty offer in the market.

 “We know our loyal customers want instant fuel discounts so we’ve created Fly Buys Pumped, which is extra attractive because it also gives Fly Buys points. This is a huge draw card to fuel up at Z.

 “Fly Buys Pumped is the biggest change to loyalty to happen to Z since its birth and has been created to give customers choice they deserve.”

Jane said because Fly Buys Pumped is connected to New Zealand’s leading loyalty scheme, Fly Buys, it is incredibly easy for people to access the deals.

“Nearly 2.5 million New Zealanders are already Fly Buys members and anyone else can easily sign-up and be instantly ready to swipe their card for a better deal.

“People can choose to use their plastic card or the Fly Buys App on their phone to access the Fly Buys Pumped deals-so it’s really fast and simple to get the rewards.

“We’re looking forward to seeing New Zealanders benefit from these deals, which we have introduced with them in mind,” Jane said. 

From the start of September Fly Buys Pumped deals combining fuel discounts and points will be varied.

People wanting to sign up to Fly Buys or get a new card can do this on the Fly Buys website.


For further information please contact Jonathan Hill: 04 498 0212, 021440090

29/07/2016 - Sustainability news

How Z Energy is leading sustainability in New Zealand

The following case study is an excerpt from ACCSR’s recent publication, Pathways to the Sustainable Development Goals: Annual Review of the State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand 2016.

You can read the full report here


Formed in 2010, Z Energy is now New Zealand’s biggest fuel business. It operates with sustainability as a stakeholder-driven core to its triple-bottom-line strategy, committed to business’s responsibility to lead by example toward national sustainability priorities.

Emily Watt, Sustainability Manager, says asking over 40,000 people what they wanted and expected of a “Kiwi” company when it formed, became the basis for Z Energy’s offer.

“Sustainability, community, customer service and health and safety have become the four things we stand for – where we can make the biggest difference in New Zealand, including through changing the behaviour and expectations of both business and customers.

“We believe in the science of climate change and want to be in the solutions space. Companies like ours have a big opportunity to do big things.”

“To date, we’ve focused our strategy in four areas. Firstly, consumer less ourselves and having ambitious targets to reduce w3ate to landfill, electricity and water consumption.

“Secondly, reducing the carbon emissions of Z and our customers through tracking and managing our own carbon, more efficient deliveries, and through working partnerships with suppliers.

“Thirdly, reducing New Zealand’s reliance on fossil fuels – we have built a $26 million biodiesel plant, which will produce 20 million litres for New Zealand, and we are working providing fast charging station at our sites to recharge electric cars.

“And finally, we are supporting capability development in New Zealand by investing in community and neighbourhood programmes, and developing skills in our team.”

Emily says that Z can have a bigger impact by working with others to influence change. Z Energy regularly engages with key stakeholders to understand expectations, values and impacts, to inform its strategy, sustainability programmes, reporting and products.

“We ask what the communities’ priorities are for our investment programmes, and in our annual GRI reporting, what stakeholders want us to measure against. We ask our customers what is important to them through our retail sites, and through social media engagement. We have conversations with the Sustainable Business Council and Sustainable Business Network to help us refine what we’re focusing on,” says Emily.

Z Energy sees efforts towards the Sustainability Development Goals as a logical extension of the organisation’s sustainability strategy.

Emily say, “We are seeing that we are aligned to many of the Sustainable Development Goals – with Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Climate Action the most relevant to us.”

“I see the Goals guiding us to see what we should be focusing on next.”

“We believe businesses have a leadership role to deliver on sustainable development. With the areas we’ve identified, we can make the greatest difference, working with customers, suppliers, and like-minded organisations to influence and change behaviours. We have a big reach, and ability to invest in the things that matter.”

Z Energy has been advocating for greater incorporation of sustainability for New Zealand’s listed companies.

“We found the GRI great for reporting what we’ve done. We are now looking at the Integrated Reporting Framework and how it connects business interdependencies, to help us define what we are going to do next.

“There is an exciting change in people’s expectations – Climate Change conference in Paris has really made people want to make a difference, and we see where that produces us with the greatest benefits.”

21/07/2016 - General News

NZ’s biggest loyalty programme gets pumped with fuel discounts

Customers using New Zealand’s most popular loyalty programme, Fly Buys, are in for a boost with today’s announcement that Z Energy will shortly be offering direct fuel discounts through Fly Buys Pumped’.

From 1 August, the nearly 2.5 million Fly Buys members across New Zealand will now be able to access instant fuel discounts on selected days and still collect Fly Buys points, simply by presenting their card at Z sites nationwide.

Z’s General Manager of Marketing, Jane Anthony, said combining Fly Buys with direct fuel discounts would be the most attractive loyalty offer in the New Zealand market, giving customers valuable choice.

“Z is the most trusted brand in this industry with a very loyal customer base. It’s important our loyalty offer remains current, easy to use and provides customers with the offers they deserve in this case customers can still collect Fly Buys points and receive discounts as they are offered.”

Jane said loyalty offers were going through a period of significant change and customers were wanting more choices.

“The old paper-based supermarket dockets have been dwindling in popularity, with people telling us they want instant fuel discounts instead. We’ve listened to customers and taken the opportunity to boost New Zealand’s leading loyalty offer with a fast, efficient discount mechanism that’s as simple as swiping your card.

“Having the ability to offer instant discounts through Fly Buys, rather than through a blanket discount offer, is a more sophisticated approach to loyalty that will give us the flexibility to tailor our offers and to engage with our customers in a way which works best for them,she said.

Jane said customers who still want to get fuel discounts through their supermarket shopping will be able to do this at Caltex branded sites.

New Zealanders who aren’t already Fly Buys members but want to be ready to take advantage of the Fly Buys Pumped fuel discounts from 1 August can sign up to Fly Buys or order new cards on the Fly Buys website.


Jonathan Hill: 04 498 0212 or 021440090 

08/06/2016 - General News

Fonterra confirmed as foundation customer for Z biodiesel

Since early 2014, Fonterra has worked closely with Z as a foundation customer for the new B5 biodiesel, helping Z introduce the lower carbon fuel to New Zealand.

The farmer owned co-operative is committed to making a difference by reducing its emissions as well as supporting other Kiwis so they have the option to make better energy choices.

Lower emission sources like biodiesel are in keeping with Fonterra’s energy strategy and are one of a range of ways that the co-operative is looking to adjust its carbon profile in the years ahead. This initiative with Z is an effective way for Fonterra to integrate carbon savings into its supply chain almost immediately.

Fonterra tankers are a familiar sight on New Zealand roads, travelling thousands of kilometres every day. The Co-operative’s 500 tankers cover more than 80 million kilometres of New Zealand roads annually – and that takes a lot of fuel.

Using B5 biodiesel in its tankers has the potential to bring an almost 4% reduction in emissions from each truck over the course of a year, which will in turn reduce the co-operative’s carbon costs. Because B5 is a drop-in fuel, Fonterra’s trucks can use it wherever it is available around the country, but not have any issues should standard diesel be the only option. Fonterra says the initiative with Z is important to them because of the cooperative’s commitment to reduce its own carbon emissions while also supporting Z in making B5 more widely available for the benefit of New Zealanders. For more information on biodiesel, visit z.co.nz/biodiesel.

Fonterra biodiesel truck

07/06/2016 - General News

Z confirmed as best employer

Z Energy has been announced as a 2016 Aon Hewitt ‘Best Employer’ for the second year running. 

The annual award recognises the best employers across New Zealand and Australia through examining employee engagement scores and people practices.

Z’s General Manager of People and Culture, Sharlene Taylor, said the recognition reflected the commitment of every member of the Z team to leadership and to building a culture which enables extraordinary performance. 

“Being recognised as a best employer truly reflects the investment we’ve made in our people, culture, and leadership practices since day one,” she said.

Sharlene said Z’s focus on people and leadership has come from the bottom up, with its company values and leadership framework being generated by simply asking its people what mattered to them. 

“I’m particularly pleased that we’ve been able to retain such a strong employer rating during a big year characterised by large scale change,” she said. 

“This result points to the engagement and resilience of our people and our ability to lead complex change in accordance with the values upon which Z is built.” 

Sharlene said the recognition was particularly important as the company comes together with the new team from Chevron New Zealand. The acquisition to acquire Chevron New Zealand was settled on 1 June. 

“Bringing two strong companies together into a single operation is an opportunity to develop a unique and special culture in which we learn from each other and work together to deliver extraordinary performance.”


Jonathan Hill: 04 498 0212

01/06/2016 - General News

Z is about to share $1m among groups doing Good in the Hood

The voting phase of Z’s Good in the Hood programme is over and 852 community groups are about to share in $1 million relative to how hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders voted.

The groups doing good in neighbourhoods across the country were selected from thousands of applications, and Z customers were asked to vote for their favourite group during the month of May.

“In its fifth consecutive year the 2016 Good in the Hood finalists were selected from more than 4,000 applications, and narrowing the number down was a tough job when each and every one of the groups, both big and small, are working to make a positive difference in their community,” said Z’s Community Manager, Christine Langdon.

Each Z station supported four local groups who will each receive a share of $4,000 based on how customers voted with the Good in the Hood orange token they received every time they made a purchase or filled-up during May. The votes are now being tallied and the cheques will be presented to each of the groups this month.

A further $1,000 per station has also been set aside for Z’s local retailers to support other neighbourhood groups and projects as they arise throughout the remainder of the year.

Christine says Good in the Hood is all about keeping it local.

“Our Z stations are part of the communities they serve. We reckon the best way to give back to those communities is to put our local teams and customers at the heart of deciding how the funding is shared. They know better than anyone what matters in their neighbourhoods.

“During the month many groups promoted their activities on our forecourts and both their teams and the Z team got right behind them. The programme is a real celebration of the countless hours spent by groups across New Zealand making a significant contribution to the health and well-being of our communities,” Christine said.  

You’ll be able to see the final tally for how much each group in your neighbourhood received by visiting your local Z station at the start of July, or visiting  www.z.co.nz/goodinthehood later this month.

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