Where we stand on Sustainability

Hear Mike, our CEO, talk about why sustainability matters and why we reckon we can be at the heart of the solution:


To us, sustainability means acting in a way that benefits the future of the neighbourhoods we operate in and the planet we live on. We think it’s good for business, good value and good sense.

We recently asked you what we can all do better to save our planet. We've listened and you've helped shape our new stand - you can see our goals here.

Read more about what we're up to below.

Easy driver

We hired eco-driving guru Mark Whittaker to teach some of our customers some nifty tricks to help them use less fuel while they’re driving.

  • mark whittaker

    Look ahead, drive smoothly and moderate your AC use.

    Mark’s top tips to save you fuel (2:00)
  • stay smooth

    Truck driver Surita Heyden learns about smooth braking and cornering.

    It’s all about staying smooth (1:32)
  • eco drivers2

    Smart driving is all about anticipating what’s coming up.

    Our eco drivers share what they learned (1:17)
  • Using Mark's tips cut Surita Heyden's fuel bill by 14%.

    Surita's Story
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Z Sustainability News

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Z urges business, cross-party support for Climate Act

Z Energy today urged businesses and all political parties to back a recommendation to enshrine carbon reduction targets in law and set carbon budgets to enable clear measurement. Read more

Christchurch anti-plastic bag campaign

On International Plastic Bag Free Day, a Canterbury Retailer has introduced a voluntary plastic bag levy to encourage customers to think twice before taking a bag. Read more

Z 'warrior' recycles more than 95% of waste

Updated on 9 Jan 2017
For the fourth year running, Z’s annual Waste Warriors competition has come to a nail-biting conclusion. Read more

The road so far

  • Here at Z
  • Supporting other Kiwis
  • Exploring alternative energy
  • What's next?

Getting our own house in order is a key part of our sustainability strategy. We’ve rolled out recycling and compost bins at Z stations across the country, and reduced our waste to landfill by 60% in three years. We’ve also installed LED under canopy lighting across the country, and water recycling units in all our Auckland Z2O car washes.

We’re also looking at ways of reducing the amount of material turning up to site in the first place — for example, we’ve reviewed the number of magazines and loaves of bread delivered to sites to make sure we reduce before we need to recycle.

As a Kiwi company with partners, customers and friends in communities throughout New Zealand, we know there’s lots we can do to support other New Zealanders to be more sustainable too.

We support regional nappy recycling schemes, car sharing initiatives, and electric vehicle charging stations. We provide eco driving tips and are working on a new app to help you drive more efficiently and save you fuel. And we’re partnering with key Kiwi suppliers on projects to together make New Zealand a better place.

Find out more about how we work with our suppliers

We don’t produce oil or gas, so while we provide transport fuel, that fuel doesn’t have to be oil. In fact, we’re working hard to do our bit to reduce New Zealand’s reliance on fossil fuels.

That’s why we’ve installed six rapid charge electric vehicle charging stations at sites in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and we’ve built the country’s first large-scale biodiesel plant.

Find out more about our biofuel initiatives

We’ve got lots of projects on the go, and we’re always looking for the next great idea. Is there something we’re not doing that we could be? Is there something we’re doing that could be done better? Are you trying to make your business more sustainable and struggling, or winning? We’d love to hear from you.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much recycling do we do at Z?

    We reckon we’ve sent just under 3,500 tonnes of waste off to recycling in the last year.  This is made up of cardboard, paper, plastic, cans and glass. We’ve also sent about 500 tonnes of food waste off for composting or to pig farmers and have given away lots of coffee grounds.

  • What about recycling for customers?

    We have orange recycling bins on pump islands at 108 sites for public recycling and we’re currently working on a new bin design to further encourage people to separate their waste. 

  • Electric vehicles are the future. What are we doing about them?

    We've installed electric vehicle fast-charging stations on six Z sites: Z Beach Road, Z Skyway and Z Botany Downs in Auckland; Z Vivian and Z Petone in Wellington; and Z Moorhouse in Christchurch.
    These sites were chosen based on the number of electric vehicle users in the region, space on site, closeness to main roads and visibility from the street.

  • What have we done to run our retail network sustainably?

    In order to minimise our sites’ impacts we’ve:

    • Installed LED lights for our canopy lighting – this has not only saved us money and used less electricity but it has improved the quality of lighting on the forecourt.
    • As we upgrade shops in our network we’re also installing LED lighting.
    • We installed water recyclers in 43 of our carwashes. These re-use 60% of the water from each wash, reducing the waste usage for our top wash from 195 litres to 78 litres.
    • We encouraged recycling across our whole network and put recycling bins for customers on 108 sites.
    • We’ve encouraged food and coffee sites to reduce their food waste and either have a commercial composting or pig farmer collection.
    • We’ve challenged our site staff to find even more ways to be sustainable which has seen reduced packaging from suppliers, reduced stock wastage and customised magazine deliveries.
    • We measure and report on our waste, water and electricity use regularly.


    We’ve invested in larger trucks and safe driver training to be more efficient in the way we deliver fuel to sites.

  • What kind of commitment do you have to sustainability?

    We’re in the energy business for the long haul – we take a 30 plus year view of our business, not just the next five – and the decisions we take now must support our long-term commitment to our business and New Zealand.

  • What is Rainforest Alliance Certification?

    The Rainforest Alliance's sustainable agriculture program oversees the certification of farms that produce tropical crops, including coffee (also bananas, cocoa, tea etc).