Where we stand on Community

At Z we stand for a resilient and healthy Aotearoa New Zealand that empowers our youth, neighbourhoods, and Z whanau.

Some call this corporate social responsibility, but at Z we simply call it community.

It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. When you’re part of a community, you look out for it. It’s the Kiwi way, and we’re a Kiwi company. 

Z’s focus is in two areas: 

Doing good in our hoods

Z is in a unique position to make a difference to NZ communities by using our scale, network, people and values to enable and empower Kiwis and their neighbourhoods.

With such diverse communities, we make sure we understand how we’re involved with and impact them, what matters most for them and us, and how we can contribute in the most positive and effective ways.

Powering up the future generation 

As the world rapidly changes, it is the next generation of New Zealanders who are most at risk; and at the same time most critical to the social sustainability of our communities. For Z, these people are also our future workforce and customers, key stakeholders, and the generation that inherit the consequences of our business decisions.

That's why, we are committed to dramatically lifting the potential of young people by building their capability, confidence and career choices.

On the go at the mo

Defibs at every Z

Defibs at every Z

We've installed defibrillators at Z sites across NZ which are available to anyone in the community to use. About 70 percent of sites are open 24/7 & can be taken off-site if needed.

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Meet Gareth | Skilled volunteer

Meet Gareth | Skilled volunteer

Meet Gareth. A Z skilled volunteer who combined his two passions, bikes and helping people.

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What is good in your hood?

What is good in your hood?

With Good in the Hood 2018 fast
approaching, we’ve dug into the data
to find some of the cool stats and
trends from 2017.

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Skilled Volunteering

Skilled Volunteering

Our skilled volunteering programme gives our people time to volunteer for the benefit of an organisation they want to help — it's all about sharing skills that the community needs.

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Community News

Z’s hives help employment, bees and local kids

The effort to save the humble honey bee is getting a boost in Wellington, with 35 new beehives being delivered around the region this month – ten of which have been funded by Z.

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Z Awakeri community volunteer day

The team from Z Awakeri service station, in Whakatane, recently spent a volunteer day supporting local community initiative, The Clothing Project.

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Good in the Hood extends funding to environmental groups

A good community can’t exist without a good environment, so Z is extending Good in the Hood funding to groups working hard to keep our neighbourhoods clean, green and beautiful.

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From forecourt to tertiary graduates

Z first ever scholarship recipients are graduating today with bachelor degrees, as Z works to help front-line staff have options for careers beyond the forecourt.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I apply for Good in the Hood?

    Good in the Hood applications open for the month of February. To apply online, head here.

  • How do I apply to receive skilled volunteering?

    Z’s skilled volunteering programme is simple — it gives our people time to share their skills for the benefit of an organisation they want to help. If you need a helping hand, email or head here for more information.

  • How can I apply for sponsorship from Z?

    We’re committed to supporting the things that matter locally and to making a positive contribution right across New Zealand. We do this through our Good in the Hood programme. Every year we give away more than $1 million to community projects all over the country. Our local Z stations have some extra funding set aside to support local community initiatives and events throughout the year too. You can find your local Z site using the store locator and get in touch to see if they’re able to support you.