Community Spotlight: EVolocity

Good-in-the-Hood-Token.pngEvery year, through Good in the Hood, we meet charity groups doing incredible things in their neighbourhoods.

These groups have amazing stories that we want to share far and wide. Hopefully, you’ll be as inspired as we are to get on board with their journey – whether that’s giving them a Facebook ‘like’, volunteering or even flicking a donation through their website to help them to continue the good work they do.

Introducing this month’s Community Spotlight Group


EVolocity is about fast forwarding that future. It’s about stimulating innovation and growing awareness of the advantages of electric transport in a sector that may be at the global growth sector of the 21st Century.

High school teams are equipped with an electric bike componentry kit. Over the course of the year, they design and build their own vehicles. At the end of the year, they bring their vehicles to a motorsport park for some fun competitions, demonstrations and test drives of electric bikes, go karts, motorbikes and cars, educating the public on what’s available and dispelling myths about the performance capabilities of EVs.


Meet (some of) the EVolocity team



Help us help EVolocity

As a small token of goodwill, we’re giving EVolocity a $1000 Z Gift Card to help them on their way – and say thanks for helping their slice of Aotearoa New Zealand.

To find out more about the great work EVolocity is doing or to donate, check out their website, follow them on Facebook or their Givealittle page.