Connecting you with skilled volunteers


Connecting you with skilled volunteers

Z is excited to be partnering with Who Did You Help Today to help design, create and launch a website for groups like yours to connect with skilled volunteers across New Zealand.

Skilled people want to give back. Community projects need free expertise. Who Did You Help Today’s mission is to connect skilled talent and community projects so that social good grows in New Zealand.

One of ways they are doing this is by providing a website, HelpTank, to match community organisations’ needs with a broad pool of talented skilled professionals depending on their interest, capability, location and availability. The goal is to make the best possible matches between volunteers and groups, so that more community projects can succeed and the lives of more New Zealanders can be improved.

The website is a not-for-profit, and will be free for groups and volunteers to use and connect through. A pilot of the site begins later this year, before the full scale site launches in 2017.

Please let us know if you want to sign up
A small number of Good in the Hood groups will have the opportunity to be part of the pilot, and once the full site launches, we’ll be encouraging as many of you as possible to come on board and use the site to connect you with skilled volunteers.

You can express an interest in being part of the pilot or the launch database here.