Z staff do good in their hoods


Z staff do good in their hoods

Some exceptional front-line staff from Z sites across NZ took a day off from customer service recently to volunteer their time to do good in their hoods.

Staff from nine Z sites were rewarded with the opportunity to volunteer in return for doing an outstanding job during Good in the Hood voting month. During the month they stood out for their efforts building great local relationships with groups, handing out tokens to every Z customer and really getting behind what the programme is all about.

Here’s a few highlights:

The team at Z Kepa Rd, Auckland, helped out its local Coastguard with a training exercise. Staff pretended to be victims so the Coastguard crew could test their lifesaving skills through a practice drill.

Kepa Rd

The team from Z Trentham in Upper Hutt, Wellington, took on the task of revitalising Wallaceville Playcentre in Upper Hutt before the kids returned for a new term.


The team from Z Green Bay participated in a Bellyful West Auckland cook-a-thon.