What matters

Environmental, social and governance performance

Z’s purpose that guides everything we do is simply ‘solving what matters for a moving world’. What matters to our world is changing, and we are changing with it.

As part of that purpose, we have begun to use the ESG World platform to make it simple for external stakeholders to monitor our performance.

ESG World is a platform designed to enhance our approach to ESG related disclosure and provide our stakeholder community with easy access to our ESG database encompassing the four areas we choose to stand for.

The platform provides direct links to the source documents we provide publicly and is updated on a real time basis for material announcements. ESG World provides search functions for commonly sought factors and individual keywords enabling interested stakeholders to easily identify and access the processes, metrics, initiatives and certifications underpinning our ESG commitments.

We welcome feedback on our approach as we continually seek to improve our communications.

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