What matters

A view from the tanker cab

New Zealanders like to think they’re good drivers – some of the best in the world. We reckon many of you are, but too many Kiwi drivers still take unacceptable risks.

Every day of the week, 24 hour hours a day, our tanker drivers from Pacific Fuel Haul are travelling across NZ delivering fuel to our sites – carrying up to 30,000 litres of fuel on every journey. Being on the road so much, our tanker drivers see some of the best and the worst driving. Some the manoeuvres they see are staggering.

To help make our roads safer, we’ve been working with Pacific Fuel Haul (who we contract to transport our fuel by road) to introduce in-cab cameras across their Z tanker fleet. Pacific Fuel Haul are able to use the footage as a key part of their driver safety training.

Viewing some of the in-cab footage, we were shocked when we saw the risk-taking that our tanker drivers encounter on NZ roads every day - it would only have taken a split second’s difference for any of these incidents to have cut a life (or more than one life) short.

We’ve decided to share some real in-cab footage from Z tankers in support of our drivers and other road users. Our goal: We want our tanker drivers, and every driver, to get safely home from every journey.

Are you a safe driver?

New Zealanders like to think they’re good drivers. Are you? Take a look at six times NZ roads weren’t so safe in the real footage captured by our tanker fleet.