What matters

Safety and wellbeing

At Z, we are committed to providing workplaces that enable safe, productive and engaging work that enhances the physical and mental wellbeing of our Z whanau, the partners we work with and the wider Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We know that our wellbeing can only be achieved when we are physically and emotionally healthy and feel safe in the work that we are doing, as well as being safe and supported in bringing our whole selves to our work.

We recognise that we have a broad risk profile and operate across New Zealand. As such, we proactively identify, eliminate and or manage the risks that we create or face. 

We all need to stand up and take personal accountability for this. 

We enable our stand by having engaged and visible leaders, capable and courageous people and enabled safety systems.

Engaged and visible leaders

We are all safety leaders at Z, our commitment drives us to stand side by side with the teams that rely on us and work together to manage our risks.

Enabled safety systems

Our safety system drives us to proactively focus on the risks that matter most, ensures the continual improvement of our operations, and it’s part of everything we do. It drives us to meet our responsibilities as a New Zealand company and our internal standards too.

Capable and courageous people

We know that our people are key to our success and we work together to grow capability and empower them to speak up and actively participate. We back our people 100% to make the calls required for safe and reliable operations.