Electric Vehicle Charging

In partnership with ChargeNet, Z has rolled out seven fast-charge electric vehicle charging stations at sites in Auckland, Turangi, Wellington and Christchurch

At Z, we want to be at the front of the push towards a cleaner, more sustainable New Zealand and to give Kiwis choices to use more renewable fuels.

We’re not an oil company, we’re a transport energy company and we’re committed to meeting the needs of our customers, whatever they might be.

Our ChargeNet Tritium fast chargers draw up to 400 volts of electricity and can charge a standard electric vehicle in the time it takes you to grab a cup of coffee.

The electric charging stations  cost about $5 - $10 for the most users (i.e. a Nissan Leaf) to fill up, and the charge time from empty is about 10 – 25 minutes, as opposed to up to eight hours for a conventional slow charge. A 25 minute charge will “fill up” an entry level electric vehicle like a Leaf and allow customers to travel around 120 kilometers.

These stations provide another option to keep our customers moving regardless of the vehicle they drive or the fuel they need. It's all part of Z’s continued commitment to moving from being a part of the climate change problem to the heart of the solution. 

To use the chargers, go to www.charge.net.nz and sign up.

Find a Z EV charging station near you

 EV Poster photo