About Z

Who is Z Energy

Six years ago, New Zealand company Infratil Limited and the Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation got together and bought a global company’s New Zealand downstream fuel business.

From one end of New Zealand to the other, we sat people down, and asked them what they wanted out of a New Zealand fuel company. You told us the idea of a New Zealand energy brand, run by Kiwis and with a heavy dose of New Zealand attitude is compelling.

We needed a brand that helps us convey this. So we came up with Z Energy.

Z Energy now owns and manages:

  • a 15.4 per cent stake in Refining NZ which runs New Zealand's only oil refinery.
  • a 25 per cent stake in Loyalty New Zealand which runs Flybuys
  • Approximately 208 service stations
  • about 160 truck stops
  • pipelines, terminals and bulk storage terminal infrastructure around the country.

In June 2016, Z also purchased the assets of Chevron New Zealand, which sees Z as the wholesale fuel supplier to the network of Caltex-branded service stations. The Caltex-branded retail network remains independently owned and operated, with the operators setting their own retail fuel prices.

Z supplies fuel to retail customers and large commercial customers like airlines, trucking companies, mines, shipping companies and vehicle fleet operators. We also provide bitumen to roading contractors. 

Z's aim is to bring our purpose to life for our customers, shareholders and stakeholders. That purpose which guides everything we do is to simply ‘solve what matters for a moving world’.

We’re now a publicly listed company on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges with around 10,000 shareholders. The New Zealand Superannuation Fund remains a 10 per cent shareholder.

The Z difference

How do we know what you want? Well, first things first, before we touched anything we shut up and listened.

Across the country we talked to people, we gave them a coffee and a sandwich, spoke to them about our plans and our hopes, and some of our hunches – and then we listened.

With our size and distribution network, and our Kiwi can-do attitude, we reckon we're better placed than any other company to deliver on what you told us you want.

We’re determined to deliver like no one else – with pride and purpose. From helping people get to where they need to go with the fuel we provide, through to the care and passion for what’s happening in all the neighbourhoods we operate in and the planet we all depend on.