Concerns or complaints?

As a Z customer, we reckon you should expect great service and products at all times. If something’s not right, we want to know about it so we can put it right. 

So, if you think we've made a mistake or provided a service or product that doesn't meet your expectations, please let us know.

You can contact us by:

  • Contacting the Z staff member you usually deal with (eg. If you have an account manager)
  • Talking to the relevant site manager or retailer
  • Phoning our call centre on 0800 474 355
  • Emailing us at

Once you’ve told us about your concern, we‘ll investigate it and try to resolve it as quickly and fairly as possible.   

If we can’t resolve it straight away, or if the problem is complicated, we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take us to investigate it.  We’ll let you know who will be responsible for managing the issue for you, and that person will keep in regular contact with you until your complaint has been resolved.

Financial Services Complaints

If you have raised a complaint with us relating to:

  • Payment or credit aspects of your Z Business or bulk fuel account with Z Energy, or
  • Bonds issued by Z Energy Limited (including Series 2016-1 and Series 2018-1 Bonds);

and you aren’t happy with the way we have handled it or the resolution we have offered, you have the option to take the issue to Financial Dispute Resolution. This is a free and independent service to help customers and financial service providers to resolve disputes.

You can find more information on Financial Dispute Resolution by visiting or by calling them on (0508) 337 337.  Please note that you must either be an individual or a business with less than 20 full time employees in order to use this service.

Other resources

You may also find the following websites helpful: