Date: 12 May 2020

Kia Ora,

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about what we’re doing to keep New Zealand fuelled up, safely through COVID-19. The situation is constantly changing, so please visit regularly for new updates. 

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Alert Level 2

On Thursday 14 May, New Zealand moves into Alert Level 2 What we’ve done together so far has been huge, New Zealand.  We’d like to say thanks to all the essential services personnel who continued to work during Level 4, and to the every day New Zealanders who stayed home, stayed safe, and stopped the spread.  

You can trust Z to have your health front and mind as we continue to move through the Alert Levels.  

What’s available, where?  

As an essential service we’ve been committed to staying open throughout all Alert Levels, so kiwis can continue to fuel up when they need to.  All our sites are currently open, with the following service stations now operating as un-manned sites, with payment accepted through Pay at Pump. 

  • Z Stafford Street Timaru 

  • Z Alexandra 

  • Rotokauri 

You can find the most up to date information about available sites through oursite locator. 

Our stores, including our bathrooms, are open, with Perspex screens at all counters.  We have extra floor signage to help you stay a safe 2 metres distance apart.      

You can also use Pay at Pump if you don’t want to go inside the store, and if you’re near a Fastlane site, you can pay with Fastlane too. You can also try Sharetank, to be able to pay with the Z App. 

Our fresh food is available and our Z Espress coffee is too – accompanied by a handy new tool we’ve sourced that adds a coffee lid without any physical contact.  You can also pre-order your coffee through the Z App to speed up your visit.  

Staying safe when you visit  

We’ve increased the level and frequency of cleaning high touch areas including our Pay at Pump terminals, EFTPOS terminals and pump nozzles to help keep you safe on site.  We’ve also provided paper towels next to the pumps so you can use one of these to hold the pump.  

On site you’ll find markings to help you stay a safe distance apart and we ask you to maintain the distance between you and other customers and our site team.  To help protect our staff and other visitors, please don’t visit us if you are not feeling well.   

Our whānau 

Our people are the heart of our business, and we are proud of their work to ensure our fuel supply is secure and our service stations are safe.  We’re taking every precaution we can to keep our staff safe. 

Our concierge is now available where practical.  For everyone’s safety they’ll be keeping a minimum of 2 metres distance from others and may also choose to wear a mask.  

Please be kind to our team who are there to help ensure we can provide fuel to help keep New Zealand moving through this time.   

Z Business customers  

We’re a Kiwi business, and we know how important it is to support other Kiwi businesses.  We’ve launched various initiatives to support our business customers, check your emails for all the details. If your business is experiencing hardship, please contact us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) to discuss how we can help.   

As an essential service, and one with a strong commitment to Health and Safety and well-being, we’ve got a lot of experience in managing through a crisis – and we’re learning a lot through this one too.  We’ve put together some resources for businesses to help you lead through this too.  This Business Resource Hub will be updated regularly so keep checking in here for the latest information. 

In the Community 

We need our health services now more than ever.  That's why we've provided St John, who we've been partnered with for nearly five years, with a month of free fuel to help them get through this tough time, and to support the 700 ambulances and operational vehicles that will be on the road during Alert Level 4.

We’ve also provided a month of fuel for Wellington Free Ambulance, another long term customers, and have partnered with the Student Volunteer Army to provide fuel so they can deliver groceries to those in need. 


Got a stacked balance that you haven't used? All stacked Pumped discounts earned in February, March or April will have an extended expiry period of 30 June. Any Pumped discounts earned from 1 May onwards can be used until the end of the calendar month following the month in which they were earned as per the. For the full Pumped terms and conditions, visit 

If you're in need of fuel, you can continue to get your everyday 6c per litre discount with Pumped when you swipe your Z App, Fly Buys or Airpoints™ . Plus, we're continuing our Super Pumped days every Wednesday for the rest of May. 


The Government's official COVID-19 website 



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I still use the car wash?

    Yes, our car wash facilities are currently available

  • Why has the Bio Diesel plant been shut?

    We have determined that in the current situation biodiesel does not meet the requirements for an essential service so we are temporarily stopping the production and supply of this product and keeping our staff from the plant safe and well at home.  

  • What are you doing to help the community at this time?

    We stand united with other essential services around the country, and know how important our emergency services are at this time. We have donated free fuel for a month to St John and Wellington Free Ambulance, two of our commercial customers, and we are supporting the Student Volunteer Army with fuel to help them deliver groceries to those who need help. 

  • What are you doing for your customers at this time?

    We know how important maintaining a steady fuel supply is, so our focus has been on providing this for both our essential services customers and everyday New Zealanders, as well as providing a range of food and essential items available from our stores.   

    We also extended our Pumped discount expiry dates throughout Level 3 and 4, as well as our Z App voucher expiry dates.  

  • Are you supplying fresh food or coffee currently?

    Yes, we are able to sell fresh food and coffee.  We have strict measures in place to ensure safety, such as packaging our fresh food products, and attaching the Z Espress coffee lids with a tool that does this without any physical contact. 

  • Can I still buy a lotto ticket?

    During Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 3 we haven't been able to offer the lotto service.  We will be able to sell lotto tickets once we move into Alert Level 2. 

  • Are your toilets available to use?

    Yes, our toilets are available whenever we have the store open. Uniformed emergency personnel and our fuel haulage partners will also be able to use the toilet facilities in level 3 whenever the site is manned. 

  • How does Fastlane help reduce contact?

    Fastlane enables you to pay for fuel using your car’s number plate and the Z App. Simply download the app, register your credit card and your car’s registration number (licence plate) and you’re set up.  Then pull into a service station with Fastlane, fuel up and go - no need to use the payment terminal.  To find your local Fastlane site visit   

  • How does Sharetank help reduce contact?

    Sharetank enables you to have a virtual fuel tank in the Z app that you can pre-purchase the cheapest Z fuel within 30km of your location.  You can then fill your vehicle and pay with your Sharetank balance by scanning the Z App at Pay at Pump, or at the night window, so no need to touch the key pad.  You can also share your tank with up to 5 friends and family members.  Find out more at 

  • Will there be delays to Z Business card orders?

    We do not expect any delays to Z Business card orders. We’re continuing to produce Z Business cards on the same day they are ordered and NZ post are currently delivering as normal. NZ Post are providing  updates to delivery times on their website:

  • Is hand sanitizer available at Z service stations?

    We won’t be providing hand sanitizer at pumps due to the fact it is extremely difficult to get hold of enough in order to do so equally across our whole network. It is also important that the hand sanitizer available in the country should be directed to the most vulnerable communities and medical centres/hospitals.  Customers are encouraged to use paper towels and reminded to wash their hands frequently. 

  • What happens if there is a case of COVID-19 with one of your service station staff?

    Given the reality of the pandemic we know that at some point one of our people could receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.  We have plans in place for that.  If a positive case is identified among our site staff, our likely approach will be to shut down the service station and assist our people who were in contact with the staff member into self-isolation, supported with full pay.   We will also undertake a deep clean of the entire service station, at which point we can consider whether it is appropriate to re-open the site based on public health advice.  

    We believe prevention is better than cure, so have also implemented our locked door policy at nearly all sites with payment taken through the night pay window or via Pay at Pump, which limits contact between customers and employees for both of their safety.  We’ve also encouraged retailers to roster their staff in such a way that makes isolation of those in a roster group of a positive case more straightforward and will help to stop the spread.    

  • What are my payment options if I want to reduce contact?

    You can pay using Pay at Pump, or you can use the Z App on your smartphone to pay using our Fastlane product or Sharetank product.   You can also use PayWave Contactless payments at the night window or at Pay at Pump, or in the store when it opens in Alert Level 3. 

  • There are lots of people on site, how do I minimise my risk?

    Standing 2 metres apart when queuing is the advice of the Ministry of Health that we ask you do whilst visiting your local Z.   We have implemented visual markers on the floor both inside and outside the store to help customers stay 2 metres apart. 

  • Do I need to stockpile fuel?

     No.  We are managing the supply chain and there is enough fuel for everyone.  We strongly discourage stockpiling and ask you to shop normally.  

  • What does the price of fuel have to do with COVID-19?

    The uncertainty caused by COVID-19 triggered a response from Russia and Saudi Arabia (two oil producing areas) that has seen the price for crude (unrefined) oil go down, and COVID 19 has also had an impact on fuel demand.  We have lowered the price at the pump to reflect this across all sites and all grades over recent weeks and continue to act quickly in relation to any price movements.   You can find out more about how fuel pricing works here.

  • What are you doing to stop the spread of COVID-19 via Pump handles?

    We have increased the frequency of cleaning our pump handles and other shared surfaces across our service stations.  We have also provided paper towels near the pump so you can use one of these to hold the pump, and limit your contact.  We ask you to dispose of the paper towels responsibly in the bins provided.  

  • Can I use Paywave (Contactless payments) to pay?

    Yes, Paywave is available at our Pay at Pump terminals, and when you pay at the Night Pay window. 

  • My Pumped discount is expiring, can I extend this?

    All stacked Pumped discounts earned in February, March or April have an extended expiry period of 30 June. Any Pumped discounts earned from 1 May onwards can be used until the end of the calendar month following the month in which they were earned as per the. For the full Pumped terms and conditions, visit 

  • Can I still swap a gas bottle?

    Yes.  We will still be offering the gas bottle swapping service providing we have sufficient staff on site to do so safely.  This may vary by site and time of day, so we suggest you ring your nearest Z to check first.  You can find the phone number for your nearest Z service station in the site locator.  

  • Are you still accepting cash?

     Yes.  We strongly encourage you to avoid using cash payments to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, however we realise for some customers, this may be their only form of payment, so we do still accept this form of payment.  

  • Is the forecourt concierge available to help me?

    We know that the concierge service is highly valued by our customers, and this service is available wherever practical.  To keep them and our customers safe, they will be maintaining 2 metres of distance between themselves and others. 

  • Will you have limited pumps open to avoid people refuelling less than 2 metres away from each other?

    All our pumps will be open for use unless they require maintenance or repair.  We ask that our customers maintain physical distancing from each other when fuelling up, and also whilst queuing to pay. We will have signage on site to help too.  

  • Can I still hire a trailer?

     Yes, the trailer hire service is available.