Join our Fastlane trial

Trial an easier way to pay, making your fuel up at Z a breeze! With Fastlane there's no on-site payment required. Just pull in, fuel up and go!

Fastlane is a new way to fuel up at Z. Join with Z App and you'll be able to use one of our dedicated Fastlanes to fuel up, and go. There's no on-site payment required!

How does it work?

Download or update Z App

Download or update Z App

Visit Google Play or the App Store to download Z App. If you already have Z App, just update.

Enter your details

Enter your details

Securely add your number plate, fuel preference and payment details.

Pull in, fuel up and go

Pull in, fuel up and go

Drive into a Fastlane, our camera will recognise your number plate and you'll be ready to fuel up. Once done, just drive away!

What if I need help?

To make Fastlane an even better experience, we'll have a dedicated Fastlane crew member waiting to fuel you up at the Fastlane.  They'll be there between 7am-7pm and you'll spot them in their orange uniform, just like the orange Fastlane.

Where are the Fastlanes?

We have a few Z Stations in our Fastlane trial - you can find a Fastlane in our online locator, find them via Z App, or just visit one of the below Z Stations:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions before signing up

    • What is Fastlane?

      Z is trialling Fastlane as a new way for customers to pay for fuel. Registered customers get access to dedicated lanes at participating sites. Just pull in, fuel up and go, no on-site payment is required. Payment is processed to the credit card that you have registered to your account.

    • How do I register?

      It’s easy. Just head to to download Z App or update your current Z App. You’ll need 3 things to register - your fuel type, your number plate and your credit card details – that’s it.

    • How does Fastlane work?

      Our on-site cameras recognise and authenticate your vehicle’s number plate to authorise you to fuel up and go using Fastlane. A digital receipt in your Z App will confirm your card has been charged and you are emailed a GST receipt.

    • Does Fastlane cost me anything? Do you take a fee or a deposit for using Fastlane?

      No - there are no additional fees for using Fastlane. Detail of each transaction will be available in your Z App, and a GST receipt will be emailed to you after each fuel up. You will only be charged for the amount of fuel that is actually dispensed from the pump.

    • Will someone be there to help me?

      At Z Stations trialing Fastlane, a dedicated Fastlane team member will be onsite to fill your tank for you between 7am and 7pm.  You'll spot them in their orange Fastlane uniform. Outside of dedicated Fastlane service hours, or if you prefer to fill your own car, you simply get out, fill your fuel yourself, and drive - there's no on-site payment required.

    • Who is Paymark?

      Paymark is our payment processing provider and one of New Zealand’s most trusted companies. They led the world with the EFTPOS system and are a key player in making Kiwis feel safe and confident about electronic transactions. You can find out more about them at

    • Does Z hold my credit card details on file?

      No, we do not store your credit card details. Our partner, Paymark, takes care of the secure payment process. Please check out for more information.

    • What are Fastlane's Terms and Conditions?

      Check out the Fastlane trial conditions as part of the Z App Terms of Use. You might also want to have a read of our Privacy Policy

      Using Fastlane is also subject to the Z App Terms of Use. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

    • How can I provide feedback?

      We’d love to hear from you! Please send us an email with any feedback or ideas to

  • Questions after signing up

    • I've signed up - do I earn Fly Buys, Airpoints or discounts? Am I eligible to earn points or take part in promotions when I use Fastlane?

      No, Fastlane transactions do not qualify for Fly Buys, Airpoints, Fly Buys Pumped offers or other promotions at this time. If you would like to continue to collect rewards and promotions, simply use a non-Fastlane pump.

    • Can I use Fastlane with my Z Card?

      No, not yet - Z Cards can't be used with Fastlane at this stage. It is one of top priorities and something that we're looking closely at.  You can still register to use Fastlane with a regular credit card if you want to give it a go.  If you think we should support Z Card, send us an email at and let us know!

    • Can I use Fastlane with my motorbike?

      Not yet but we are evaluating it. If you think we should support motorbikes, send us an email at and let us know!

    • Can I specify the amount of fuel I want?

      You can - simply let our Fastlane crew member know how much you want, or select the amount on the pump if you are fueling up yourself.

    • Someone else is driving my vehicle - is this okay?

      This is important for you to be aware of. When you register your number plate with Fastlane, anyone driving is eligible to use Fastlane with your number plate.  That'll mean that your credit card will be billed. Please consider this before joining the Fastlane trial.

    • What happens if I want to go in the store and use the bathroom or grab a coffee?

      As per the name, Fastlane is about speed for all registered Fastlane customers. As such, it'd be unfair to slow others down by leaving your car in a designated Fastlane to go inside the store. If you do need to go inside, please either use a non-Fastlane pump or move your car into a carpark first.

    • What happens if the camera doesn’t read my number plate correctly?

      Because this is a trial, we know it won't be perfect every time - that's why we're running a trial! So in advance, please accept our thanks for you patience and for sharing your feedback to help us improve Fastlane.  If you do have any issues with your number plate being read, please follow the instructions on the screen at the petrol pump. If the issue persists, simply drive to one of our other lanes and let one of our team know.  We're constantly monitoring to continuously improve Fastlane.

    • I've added my vehicle - can I add another one?

      At this stage for the Fastlane trial, you can only load in a single vehicle and single credit card with your profile. It's super easy and fast to delete one vehicle and replace it with another though.

    • I want to update credit card details, change my car or stop using Fastlane - what do I do?

      To make any changes simply select ‘Remove Fastlane’ in Z App, then register a different vehicle or credit card. Any previous transactions will still be available for viewing.

    • Do I need to have my phone with me when I use Fastlane?

      Nope, you just need to be registered as a Fastlane customer in Z App. Once you’ve registered, you don’t need to keep your phone on you, all you need is to make sure you use the dedicated Fastlane pump and you can fuel up and go. 

    • I'm ready to use it - will I get the same level of service in Fastlane? Windscreen wash, oil check, etc.

      Fastlane is designed for speed and to make life easier for you when you just want to fill up and go. If you need other Forecourt Concierge services please use a non-Fastlane pump.

    • How can I provide feedback?

      We’d love to hear from you! Please send us an email with any feedback or ideas to

  • Questions after you've used Fastlane

    • I've got an issue with my credit card - what do I do?

      Best bet is to contact your bank immediately if you have any concerns regarding your credit card.  Additionally, you can email us at or give our team a call on 0800 474 355 with any Fastlane issues. Please ensure you make your call in a safe environment and not while on the forecourt or driving.

    • I've sold my vehicle, or it has been stolen - how do I cancel Fastlane?

      If your vehicle is sold or stolen, open Z App and select ‘Remove Fastlane’. This will prevent any future Fastlane transactions to your credit card.

    • How does the payment work?

      In order to authorise your card for Fastlane, a "hold" of $200 will be put on to your card. Your bank will usually release any unused funds that are being "held" shortly after the Fastlane transaction is completed, however in some cases it may take a few days for this to occur. If you have any questions, please contact your bank if you have any concerns. Note - Unfortunately if you have less than $200 available, you will not be able to use Fastlane

    • How can I provide feedback?

      We’d love to hear from you! Please send us an email with any feedback or ideas to

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