Fuel up with Fastlane

Flash through Fastlane - the easiest way to pay for fuel at Z.

Fastlane is the quickest way to keep movingFill up and pay using your Z App – you might not even have to get out of your vehicle. 

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Pay Your Way

Access Sharetank through your Z App at Fastlane. Z Business Plus card holder? You’re sweet in Fastlane.

Stay Close to your Precious Cargo

No need to fumble for cash or cards. Or go inside to pay. Keep close to the things that matter most to you.

Skip the Queue

Get in and out and on your way faster.

Never lose a receipt again

Digitise your fueling experience: You'll never misplace paperwork again.


Who uses Fastlane?


Fastlane allows you to keep an eye on the kids while you fuel up. Pay using your Z App or by accessing your Sharetank.


Keep up the momentum of your busy day by fueling up in Fastlane. Pay with your Z Business Plus Card to make it even quicker.


Kiwis lead busy lives. Fastlane makes it that little bit quicker to get from A to B. Access everyday discounts and earn rewards with Pumped.

How does it work?

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Download Z App

It’s free in the App or Google Play stores. 



Navigate to Fastlane

Securely add your details, payment method and number plate. 


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Pull into any Fastlane

Pull into any lane that allows you to pay with Fastlane and our camera will read your number plate.


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Look for your name on the screen 

Wait a few seconds for ‘Kia Ora’ on the pump screen. This is how you know you’re paying with Fastlane and payment happens automatically.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Fastlane work?

    • Does it cost extra to use Fastlane?

      When you drive in to a Fastlane, we request your bank put an authorisation hold on your card equal to your Fastlane purchase limit. We need to this because we don’t know how much fuel you’re going to purchase when you first drive in. Once you've fuelled up, we take the amount that you’ve taken (e.g. $27.13 etc) and your bank usually releases any unused funds that are being held shortly after. In some cases the banks take a bit longer and so it may take a few days for this to occur. The pre-authorisation hold isn’t taken out from your account though – your bank has just put a hold on it.   


    • Will someone be there to help me?

      Every day of the year our Z Stations have a Forecourt Concierge available from 10am to 5pm to help you with Fastlane. You can also head inside and talk to our in-store staff who will be happy to help you out.

    • Does Z hold my credit card details on file?

       No, we do not store your credit card details. Our partner, Paymark, takes care of the secure payment process. Please check out www.paymark.co.nz for more information. 

    • What is Fastlane?

      Z is trialling Fastlane as a new way for customers to pay for fuel. Registered customers get access to dedicated lanes at participating sites. Just pull in, fuel up and go, no on-site payment is required. Payment is processed to the payment card that you have registered to your account. 

    • How do I register?

      It’s easy - head to z.co.nz/zapp to download Z App or update your current Z App. You’ll need 3 things to register - your fuel type, your number plate and your credit or debit card details. It’s free to sign up, and there’s no additional fees for using Fastlane. 

    • How does Fastlane work?

      Our on-site cameras recognise and authenticate your vehicle’s number plate to authorise you to fuel up and go using Fastlane. A digital receipt in your Z App will confirm your card has been charged and you are emailed a GST receipt (if you are using a credit or debit card, whereas if you are using a Z Business Card your GST receipt will be part of your normal monthly invoice and we'll simply email you a transaction confirmation each time you use Fastlane). 

    • What are Fastlane's Terms and Conditions?

      Check out the Fastlane trial conditions as part of the Z App Terms of Use. You might also want to have a read of our Privacy Policy

      Using Fastlane is also subject to the Z App Terms of Use. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Fastlane for Everyday Drivers

    • Can I get Pumped discounts at Fastlane?

      As you’re already registered for Fastlane, you’ll automatically be eligible for the Pumped daily discount price on every fill. No need to reach for your card. We’ll use any balance you’ve got on your “Pumped Balance with Z App” when you visit Fastlane to increase your savings. However, if you’d like to stack any potential savings or use another Pumped Balance you still can you’ll just need to either Pay @ Pump or pay in-store.

    • Do I earn Fly Buys or Airpoints with Fastlane?

      On top of your everyday discount, you’ll also be able to earn your choice of Fly Buys or Airpoints, depending on which you select in your Z App account.  

    • Someone else is driving my vehicle - is this okay?

      This is important for you to be aware of. When you register your number plate with Fastlane, anyone driving is eligible to use Fastlane with your number plate.  That'll mean that your credit card, debit card or Z Business Card will be charged. Please consider this before joining the Fastlane trial. 

    • Can I use Fastlane with my motorbike?

      Not yet but we are evaluating it. We agree that Fastlane could be great for motorbikes - it's not the easiest experience to fill up as a motorbike rider as helmets, gloves, leathers can all be a bit cumbersome when juggling a petrol pump. 

      Unfortunately for the Fastlane trial, our cameras are only positioned to read number plates from the front of the Fastlane (pointing towards the shop). As motorbikes don’t have forward facing number plates, it won’t be possible for you to use Fastlane… yet. Additionally, the camera software that reads a front facing car number plates is currently configured to look for number plates in the shape & configuration of a car eg [ABC123]. 

      A number of our team are motorcyclists, and they're keen to give it a go too - it is something that we're looking in to. Watch this space! 

    • What happens if the camera doesn’t read my number plate correctly?

      Because this is a trial, we know it won't be perfect every time - that's why we're running a trial! So in advance, please accept our thanks for you patience and for sharing your feedback to help us improve Fastlane.  If you do have any issues with your number plate being read, please follow the instructions on the screen at the petrol pump. If the issue persists, simply drive to one of our other lanes and let one of our team know.  We're constantly monitoring to continuously improve Fastlane. 

    • I want to update my payment details, change my car or stop using Fastlane - what do I do?

      To make any changes simply select ‘Remove Fastlane’ in Z App, then register a different vehicle or credit card. Any previous transactions will still be available for viewing. 

    • Do I need to have my phone with me when I use Fastlane?

      Nope, you just need to be registered as a Fastlane customer in Z App. Just pull in, fuel up, and go!  

    • I've sold my vehicle - how do I cancel Fastlane?

      If you've sold a vehicle that's registered on your Fastlane account, it's important that you delete if from your Z App as soon as possible. Z can't tell when a vehicle has been sold, so you'll be liable for all the fuel purchases made by number plates registered to your Z App, even if you've sold the vehicle. To remove a number plate 

      1. Open Z App.

      2. Select the number plate in the Fastlane section.

      3. Select 'Edit' and delete it from your Z App.  

      This will prevent any future Fastlane transactions for that number plate to be made on your payment card. If the new owner has used Fastlane and you've been charged for a Fastlane transaction they've made, you'll need to get in touch with them to organise payment for the fuel taken before we can refund your payment card.   

    • My vehicle's been stolen - how to can I stop it being used in Fastlane?

      If your vehicle's been stolen, open Z App and select the corresponding number plate in the Fastlane section, select 'Edit' and delete it from your Z App. This will prevent any future Fastlane transactions for that number plate to be made on your payment card. You should also contact the New Zealand police immediately.  

    • I've got an issue with my credit or debit card - what do I do?

      Best bet is to contact your bank immediately if you have any concerns regarding your credit card.   Please ensure you make your call in a safe environment and not while on the forecourt or driving. 

    • Can I specify the amount of fuel I want?

      You can - simply let our Fastlane crew member know how much you want, or select the amount on the pump if you are fueling up yourself.

  • Fastlane for Z Business Users

    • Why can't I add my old Z Card to Fastlane?

      We’re no longer accepting Z Card as a payment method for Fastlane, but if you've received a new Z Business card you’ll be able to use this to pay at Fastlane instead. 

    • How do GST receipts work?

      GST receipts are automatically emailed to the address you’ve used to set up your Z App account so there’s no chance you’ll lose your receipt while on the road. 

    • Can I enter odometer readings at Fastlane?

      Currently you can’t enter odometer readings when using Fastlane.  If you’d like to use Fastlane but need to enter odometer reads you’ll need to check with the person in charge of your Z Business Card account to see if they’re okay with no odometer readings being entered. 

    • Can I specify the amount of fuel I want?

      You sure can – we set your default purchase limit at $150 for a Fastlane transaction, but if your vehicle needs a little bit more you can always increase this amount.  

    • I’m not able to add my Z Business Card to Fastlane – what should I do?

      Not all Z Business Cards are able to be added to Z App. It’ll depend on how your business has set up their Z Business account. If you’re having issues adding your card you’ll need to get the person in charge of your Z Business account contact their Z account manager, or call 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374). 

    • Someone else is driving my vehicle - is this okay?

      This is important for you to be aware of. When you register your number plate with Fastlane, anyone driving is eligible to use Fastlane with your number plate.  That'll mean that your credit card, debit card or Z Business Card will be charged. Please consider this before joining the Fastlane trial. 

  • Fastlane at Every Lane Trial Stations

    • What stations can I pay with Fastlane at every lane?

      In Auckland at Z Albany and Z Lakeside.

      In Christchurch at Z Carlton Corner and Z Curletts Road.

      If you want to use Fastlane at any of our other sites you’ll need to use the clearly marked Fastlane lane.

    • Do I need to re-register to use these sites?

      If you’re already registered for Fastlane you’ll automatically be able to use any of our All Lanes trial sites. There’s no need to change a thing.

    • What is Fastlane at every lane?

      Paying with Fastlane at any of our All Lanes trial sites works exactly the same as it does at our standard Fastlane sites, however now you have the choice to either pay by plate at any lane, or if you’d rather, you can choose to pay at pump or in store by selecting ‘Cancel’ on the pump screen.

      To pay using Fastlane at these sites all you’ll need to do is register your details in the Fastlane section of Z App, then simply pull into any lane at these 4 sites, wait a few seconds for your plate to be recognised and then look for your name on the pump screen. Once you see this you know you’re paying with Fastlane and payment will be taken care of automatically.

    • Do I still get my Pumped Daily Discounts and Rewards at these sites?

      You sure do. Even better, you’ll be able to automatically earn rewards and save with daily discounts when you pay using Fastlane at every lane on our 4 All Lanes trial sites.

    • I’m registered for Fastlane but I want to stack my savings or use a Fuel-up Voucher?

      If you want to use a supermarket fuel docket, or you’d just like to stack your Pumped discount for later use all you’ll need to do I push the “Cancel” button when you see your name on the pump screen before you start filling and you’ll be able to pay using a different method.

    • What if I don’t want to pay using Fastlane?

      No worries, if you need to pay using a different method all you’ll need to do is push the “Cancel” button on the pump screen once you see your name appear and you’ll be able to pay either in store or at pump using a credit or debit card.

    • What if the camera doesn’t recognise my plate?

      If our cameras didn’t pick up your number plate you can just move your vehicle to any other lane at these sites and it will try and recognise you again.
      Our on site team member will be able to help you.

      Alternatively you’ll also able to pay at pump using your credit or debit card, or pay in store.

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