Fuel holidays at Z!

You could be in to WIN one of 10 x $5,000 or 50 x $200 fuel holidays just by filling up at Z! Plus, there are over 200,000 fuel discounts of up to 17¢ per litre to be won. Collect your scratch card in-store when you spend $40 or more of fuel.  

So pop into your local Z before 30 December 2018 for your chance to win!

Already have a scratch card? Have you...

  • won a fuel discount? Enter your code into Z App so you can redeem your fuel discount.
  • a scratch card code to enter into the main prize draw? You can enter it here


Terms and Conditions apply.

Frequently asked questions

  • I have my code, now what?

    If you’re a fuel discount prize winner, enter the code into Z App and you’ll also be automatically entered into the main prize draw.  If you’re not a fuel discount winner, go to z.co.nz/fuelholiday, enter your code, and fill in the form (so we can contact you if you win!) to go in the draw.

  • What are the prizes?

    You can go in the main prize draw to win one of the main prizes which are one of 10 x $5,000 Z gift cards, or one of 50 x $200 Z gift cards. When you get your scratch card, you could also get a fuel discount of up to 17c off per litre.

  • Where do I get a code to enter the Fuel Holiday competition?

    Make a fuel purchase of $40.00 or more at any Z station nationwide and receive a scratch card. Scratch the card to see if you’re an instant fuel discount prize winner, and to get your code.

  • How long does the promotion run for?

    Be in to win a fuel holiday runs from 6 am on 3 December until – 11.59pm on 30 December 2018. You need to enter your code by 11:59pm on 15 January 2019 to enter the main prize draw and receive your fuel discount if you’re an instant winner.

  • Where do I find your promotion terms and conditions?

    See all Z's Terms and Conditions here

  • I have a fuel discount on my scratch card, can I use it with other offers?

    In most instances yes!  Once you enter the code into Z App, you can use the fuel discount with Fly Buys Pumped (when you swipe your Fly Buys card), or with a Fuelup voucher.  Remember you can't use Fly Buys Pumped and Fuelup together.  The fuel discount can't be used with Fuelcards.

  • I have a Z Card, can I enter?

    Yes you can!  As long as you spend $40.00 or more on fuel in one transaction you’ll receive a scratch card. If your scratch card is not an instant prize, you can enter the main prize draw online by entering the code and personal details at z.co.nz/fuelholiday  If you’re not the business owner, you may want to check in with your boss on what would happen if you win!

  • I have a Z Card, why can’t I use the fuel discount on my account?

    Unfortunately Z App doesn’t currently link with your Z account, so the discount wouldn’t apply. We’re working on this though!

  • If you can’t find the answer to your query here, you’re welcome to email us at info@z.co.nz